Frequent Excel 2013 crashes under Win 7 in Parallels are getting unbearable ...

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Andy_G, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. tonyr100

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    not yet resolved!

    Hi - unfortunately this solution doesn't work for me. Whenever i have multiple excel files and when some of these are on the large side, ie > 2 or 3MB, i end up crashing sooner or later. The disable hardware graphics acceleration option is "ticked" in excel, as well as the other office apps ie word and ppt.

    Would be great to hear from anyone who has suggestions on how to resolve.

  2. BobFarr

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    Potential Workaround - Lock Windows

    When I have this issue, and it happens alot, I go to the Start Menu and "Lock" Windows. Then, I wait a few seconds and "Unlock" Windows.

    It fixes the issue more often than not for me.

    I usually do not operate in Coherence mode and am using Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2013, and a Macbook 6.1 (13-inch, Late 2009).


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