Full Screen and Coherence do not get along

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by aguydude, Aug 5, 2007.

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    Full screen applications do not work well in coherence mode. What tends to happen is that the application will look and run OK but everything beyond the full screen application's resolution will display something odd. I don't like it but can accept it, considering how little sense it makes to try to simultaneously run something in full screen mode and yet share windows with other applications. Sometimes the mouse performs poorly, as is the case with http://www.loaded-studio.com/stormangel.php , which works flawlessly in OS Window mode but hates the mouse in Coherence mode.

    I acknowledge that full screen and coherence mode is somewhat of a contradiction in usage style. I suggest just switching to OS Window mode any time an application takes over the screen (but still allowing icons of applications to display in the MacOS list of windows available for selection even if this is not enabled for OS Window mode), and returning to Coherence mode when it releases control.

    Considering how easy this is for me as a user to bypass (by switching to OS Window mode myself), this is not a personal priority for the program. But it would be kind of nice.

    That specific program's issues were encountered on version 5060, but the Coherence/Full Screen issue has applied to every version of 3.0 that I've tested.
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    I've addressed this before and my suggestion has been to allow the user to set up a custom view mode per application.

    This could either be accomplished by adding some setting to the OS X launcher apps or have a list in parallels.

    This way you could have the default view mode be coherence and have your fullscreen apps set up to run in parallels full screen mode.
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    I have not experienced this. What is your hardware? What size monitor? Dual Monitor?
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    Just a basic 17 inch Macbook Pro.

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