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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MafiaW, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Mac OS: Mountain Lion.
    Guest OS: Win7 Sp1.

    Full Screen Mode.

    I'm a new Mac user. I create 2 virtual desktop in my Macbook Pro, when I connect the Macbook pro with a Dell 21" monitor, it's supposed that I will have 4 desktops? since I can change 4 different wallpapers on those 4 virtual places.

    When I choose to use Coherence mode, each time in the Win7 user logon UI, I can see the Windows 7 UI perfectly take the full screen of my external monitor, while I can still use the desktop in my Macbook Pro.

    Problem: When I enter full screen mode, I did see my fullscreen window in external monitor. However, I can't use my desktop on my Macbook pro, because it was taken by a metal grey background.

    I heard Mountain Lion has some new feature for a more flexible desktop with external monitor. Would like to know which settings can I use in Parallels Desktop to display Windows 7 in Full screen just in 1 of my external monitor, while I can still use my Macbook pro.

    Hope my question is clearly understood.
    thanks for your time.
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