Fusion VM syncs with blackberry - no problems!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by akatimr, Jun 14, 2007.

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    I have loved Parallels (running Windows XP SP2 on Macbook w/OSX) with one major exception - blackberry sync. It surprises me that the Parallels team hasn't nailed the BB sync problems that have been all over this forum.

    I keep looking out in hopes that it is all resolved. Anyone know if there is a comprehensive troubleshooting post or thread about how to make this work? I've only seen lots of piecemeal discussions. It would be good to have something that nails it, which it seems the parallels team should get into FAQ or something b/c I suspect there is a big segment of BB users who are frustrated, and who like me, will go try VMWare's Fusion, which people say works without a hitch in syncing with BB.

    I just tried Fusion, and had none of the problems that I had in Parallels. There are some other things I don't like about Fusion, but syncing with my BB trumps almost every other thing.

    I'd like to stay with Parallels, as I'm sure other BB users would if this sync problem can be reliably fixed.

    BTW, I have latest pre-3.0 build of Parallels (build 3212) and the most up-to-date BB desktop software, SP2, and drivers.

    I was about to open my wallet to get Parallels desktop 3.0, but I've read that it has the same problems (or at least that it isn't reliably fixed yet b/c some people are having the same problems). It is just not worth paying for unless I can trust that this is fixed for sure.

    Can anyone from the Parallels team respond to this in a more comprehensive way than I've seen so far in the forums?

    Are there comprehensive troubleshooting instructions somewhere?
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    Well it seems the achilles heal for parallels is the usb. I have yet to get my printer working in parallels. Quite frustrating, it was recognized and setup automatically in fusion but not soin paralells. The really frustrating part is in an earlier build they seemingly fixed the problem and then after I updated the environment poof :(

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