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    This is a 9-minute video of a VMWare Fusion demo at the recent VMWorld. It is VERY interesting. There is no doubt that Parellels ought to be taking notes to consider 1) what to duplicate and 2) how to differentiate.

    Thanks to the member of this forum who privately forwarded this to me! I will let him come on here and take credit if he chooses :)
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    Damn nice resizing feature! I have bad eyes so my screen resolution is bigger than usual. So my Parallels desktop takes up the whole screen except for my Mac menu bar on top. I wish I could resize that window to at least have access to the buttons to the left and to the bottom left without changing my resolution.
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    If you want achieve maximum real estate without being in full screen mode and still have access to the status and toolbars check out my posting:

    ISO: Exact maximum windowed screen resolutions

    The above does not address your "without changing resolution" requirements, it's mostly about having easy access to the alternative screen resolutions that maximize your Guest area with or without various bars.
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    I've tried minimizing my Windows resolution and restarting Parallels. However my VM still takes up my whole screen except for my Mac menu bar on top.

    My iMac resolution is 800 x 600 (stretched)
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