Game will not launch in PD - does in VMware

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by bfindlay, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Been a parallels user for years. Got a new MacBook Pro 2015 with iris graphics. Downloaded the trial of PD 13 and did a fresh install of PD with a Windows 7 fresh install from disk.

    The VM seemed snappy, and generally runs well. Installed this game (Silent hunter 4 - a legacy game from 2007) and it will not launch. Have seen similar behaviour when I first installed it on my windows laptop, and it was resolved by updating the graphics drivers. I did the uninstall/reinstall dance - even bought a steam copy of the game to see if that would work. No dice.

    Downloaded a trial of VMware fusion, and imported my parallels VM. Voila the game runs!! So it is definitely a parallels specific issue, and my money is on the drivers. Is there a workaround? Not sure how parallels tools/vmware tools handle the drivers issue. Can I just install drivers from the manufacturer? And if so I need better info on what the PD environment is presenting as the graphics adapter.

    Would prefer to stick with parallels, but will switch if I have to .

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