Gameplay in Parallels Desktop 8 with DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 games.

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Andrew@Parallels, Dec 3, 2012.

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    try adding the line below to VM Configuration > Hardware > Boot order > Boot flags
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    thanks. That workd for Anno 1701 and Dragon Age Origins for me.
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    Gray Matter

    I have a new iMac purchased a month ago with Mountain Lion and Parallels 8 Desktop. I purchased and downloaded from Amazon the PC game Gray Matter. The game installed fine, but when I click on the icon to start playing the game, it crashes and goes to the Window error report window. Has anyone gotten this game to work on Paralles VM?

  4. RolandLeth

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    Hello guys,

    I also have a mid-2011 iMac, maxed out and I have black boxes in games after upgrading to Parallels 8. I'm running OS X 1.8.2 with Windows 7, SP1.

    If I uninstall Parallels 8 and reinstall 7, everything is working fine.

    I tried the solution(s) here so far, but without luck.

    Should I also try video.no_depth_load=1? Could you also please tell me what this flag actually does? And if in the future Parallels will be updated to not need this flag anymore, since Parallels 7 works just fine?

    Thank you.

    edit: Well, that was a silly question if I should try the bootflag you suggested. I went ahead and I tried it, but still no, I get the same problem.
    For the record, yes, i tried reinstalling Parallels Tools. Going back to 7 reinstalls them anyway, then back to 8, same story.
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    Can't play anything in my Steam or Origin library as it's all on my Thunderbolt SSD drive that I can't pass into Windows :(. What a pain.
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    I just found this thread. At the risk of being called out for double posting, link I should also mention that this is for Windows XP, and I do not know if this is related to DirectX 9.

    I installed Steam/Fallen Enchantress, and the installation prompted an install of DirectX 9.0c. The game works fine (sometimes tiles are darker than they should be, but otherwise works well). The problem is that after 10 minutes of gameplay, my mac runs out of memory, and slows to a crawl.

    MacMini Mid2011
    OSX 10.8.2
    8 GB Memory
    Parallels 8
    -Windows XP SP3
    -DirectX 9.0c
    -2GB memory allocated to Windows, 256K Video memory, 3D acceleration on, enable vertical synchronization
    -Steam - Fallen Enchantress (up to date)
    Ticket: 22940403 -> But I had to quit the game to get it responsive enough to submit (memory/performance does not improve until I restart Windows).
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    Noone from the Parallels Team reads this forum anymore? Been two weeks now :(
  8. AndyP2

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    Age of Empires ('97)

    I haven't been able to upgrade from Parallels 7 to 8 yet (ugh), but curious if there's an obvious work-around for this... Get ready to chuckle: Microsoft Age of Empires ('97).
    I don't play games (of any sort, frankly), other than this from time to time.

    My family loves it, and it's sort of a tradition to get all the old PC's set up for a big family time w/ the kids - with Macs running Parallels slowly replacing all our PCs.

    Launching AoE in Parallels (Win7), the game says its IP address is (http :// screencast. com /t/TPehL4zlVKI )
    In Win7, ipconfig shows the same, with a lot more info than I'm used to seeing on a native PC... (http :// screencast. com /t/J2R2rUEbxu )
    All this is running on a Mac, which has an IP address of

    When I launch the game on a networked PC (WinXP), and enter the host IP, it never finds/sees the server app. So it can't join the game.

    On that 2nd computer, if I ping the Mac IP address, it gets a response.
    ...If I ping the Virtual machine IP address ( it times out.

    I turned off the Mac firewall.
    I turned off the Windows Firewall.
    The virtual machine (Win7) is running Security Essentials, but I don't see anything there that could be blocking it (it uses Windows Firewall).

    The 2nd computer (WinXP) has no firewall running, either.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    btw - Windows7 is installed in Parallels as 64 bit, and AoE is of course 32 bit. But it runs fine in single-player, so I don't think that's related.
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    try switching VM network to bridged mode: Parallels menu > Deices > Network > Bridged Network > Default adapter.
  10. AndyP2

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    Serv - That works. Thanks!
  11. William Geck

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    With the most recent Parallels 8 Build (8.0.18480), I have the same issue. Memory fills up completely, and the computer becomes extremely slow.

    I did the following: allocated only 1 core, and 1GB of memory to Windows XP - this was so the Mac would have more CPU and RAM available. Ran Steam/Fallen Enchantress. "Show Resource Usage" says only a small fraction of the memory is being used within XP. This is with Coherence, and game set to full-screen.

    Activity Monitor says 1.01 GB Real Mem, 1.09 GB Private Mem, and 1.21 GB Virtual Mem is being used by Parallels VM. "top" says (sorted by memory size)

    60367  prl_vm_app   4.3  07:27:50 63   1    293  8439  1119M  21M    1054M  1243M  14G    60037 60253 stuck    502  16541410+  644      637429193+  313920219+
    0      kernel_task  2.5  02:24:32 81/6 0    2    505   34M    0B     754M+  44M    7470M  0     0     running  0    45287      0        1482022721+ 1457648780+
    56526  WebProcess   4.6  01:55:41 15   3    323  6924+ 318M+  14M+   336M+  1050M+ 4620M+ 56524 56524 stuck    502  38875806+  19623    28405686+   12446395+
    60041  prl_client_a 0.7  15:43.84 20   3    197  505   47M+   37M    76M+   240M+  3157M  60037 1     sleeping 502  366473+    4106+    1864760     654831
    56524  Safari       0.0  12:38.19 18   1    919  2095  48M    14M    62M    494M   3843M  56524 145   sleeping 502  3221783    51438    3193666     3427447
    87     WindowServer 1.5  62:02.86 4    1    657  5210+ 11M+   32M    55M+   104M-  3076M+ 87    1     sleeping 88   45454778+  433375   38997901+   14095210+
    35     mds          0.0  41:55.27 9    7    344  401   28M    5896K  29M    354M   3459M  35    1     sleeping 0    13335744   134461   1097621     679595
    The disk is pretty busy at this point, so I am assuming that the slowdown is due to virtual memory/paging. Pausing Windows XP does not help. Quitting the game does not help. Windows needs to be shutdown, or restarted clear this up.
  12. xXR0CKETM4NXx

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  13. WallaceF

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    Dota 2 isn't working well

    Hi Guys, I'm getting the same problem with Dota 2! Do we have a solution for that?!
  14. lezboseagull

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    Same for me, the bootflag fix above did not work for me unfortunately :[

    Just closes randomly in game, seems like a memory issue, seems like not ram but video memory. at more "demanding" times
  15. FlightM

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    DirectX 11, but Feature Level is DirectX 9 !

    Some additional information after Will63's message.

    I'm running Parallel Desktop 7 + Windows 8 Pro in a virtual machine, and trying to launch Crysis 3. I get the same error as Will63.
    DXDIAG says my system is DirectX11 capable, but the game software doesn't seem to share this opinion.

    In the Crysis 3 logs, here is what is displayed:

    So the problem might be that // desktop states it's DirectX 11 compliant but is not in terms of features.
    Is there a workaround to this, or do // desktop 8 resolves this issue?

  16. DNSYeti

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    I have the following problem: If I try to start Counter Strike Global Offensive I get the following error:



    The VM has 3GB RAM, 2 CPUs (2,3 GHz i7), 512MB Graphics
  17. RenaudB

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    Hi Everybody,

    I'm on a MacPro with Radeon 5970/1Go, Parallels 8, VM 4 CPU (out of 8) and 4 Gb (out of 16).

    Games like Dishonored or Call of Juarez (last one) works just fine in all directX modes.

    Anno 2070s work fine IF parallels is working in DirectX9 mode.

    Anno 2070 and Need For Speed most wanted are UNUSABLE in DirectX10 mode ! Framerate incredibly poor, like without graphic acceleration.

    PD tools has been reinstalled, as well as games.

    Do I miss something ? Any clue ?

    Thank you so much.
  18. Mikinator

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    I'm on a Macbook Pro with Windows 7 virtualized. I'm trying to run Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It installed fine but when I try to open it, it says: "Directx encountered an unrecoverable error. Check the readme for details."

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  19. WallaceF

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    Guys, it's getting complicated...i bought parallels just to play dota 2 without rebooting my machine.
  20. Gee_Muzz

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    I hope someone can help. I have recently purchased Company of Heroes 2 to run on the following machine
    iMac 2.8 GHz i5
    16 GB 1333MHz DDR3
    ATI Radeon HD 5750 1 GB RAM
    OS X 10.8.3
    Parallels Desktop 8
    Windows 8

    The game loads and looks good, however the units with the game are invisible. All I can see is the terrain, but no army...

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


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