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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by stephendeo, Jul 15, 2007.

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    1. I installed Archlord on a brand new copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 (no windows update)
    2. Enabled DirectX Support from the VM Options.
    3. Left the Video Memory to 16MB and the main Memory to 512
    4. Started Windows XP up and launched Archlord
    5. Game booted up as normal
    6. Got to the loading screen after loading Parallel crashes so does the MacOS
    7. I force rebooted my machine, and tried again, this time, I made sure all the graphics are OFF.
    8. Game ran, got to the loading screen everything crashed again...but.. then it got to the next screen which was the loggin screen for archlord.
    9. However, the login screen was SLOW the frame rate was very very slow even with all the graphics lowed to NOTHING.
    10. I was able to log into the game, with the same problem it ran for about 10mins with horrible frame rate and lowered graphics...then it crashes Parallel followed by the MacOS. Then I shut down my mac, and cried myself to sleep....

    Help me?! :confused: :(

    This is what i'm running:

    MacBook Pro Laptop
    Intel Core Duo 2
    4GIB memory
    160 GIB Hard Drive
    17" Monitor HD
    256 Geforce nVidia
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    What am I doing wrong? I saw Quake 4 running very very smooth! what did you guys do to make it run so good?
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    I just noticed that WoW ran like crap on there too...How can I get Parallel to read my video card to it's full potential?

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