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  1. krsmichael


    What happens when you try to use the device? What OS? What application?
  2. RAILhead


    Add me to the list. I just tried this with MapSource 7, an Intel Mac mini, and the eTrex Legend C. Nothing. MapSource was unable to find the device.

  3. xray


    Garmin support: Let's keep this thread alive!

    FWIW, I did get parallels to connect to my Garmin 60CSx through USB but not on Training Center...

    I strongly desire (I don't really "need" it since I subscribe to Motionbased) Garmin Edge and Training Center support.

    Post your wish! Keep this thread alive!

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  4. jammertal


    Usb Support extrex vista cx


    I am using Mapsource 6.11.1 , Extrex vista cx 2.60 , snedmap etc. with no problems.
  5. mschool


    Garmin iQue 3600 working with Parallels

    I've got an iQue 3600 synching with the Palm SW on my Windows XP VM.
    This is my first USB attempt and it's working as it's USB 1.0
    IQue SW only works on the PC
  6. sagres


    Garmin Nuvi 350 works

    No problems connecting and updating my Nuvi 350...
  7. lhaas


    Fusion has USB2 Garmin Support

    Wish I would have my parallels money to buy fusion.
  8. tgrogan


    if you had enough money to buy a mac in the first place, loosing the parallels price is a drop in the bucket - just do it!
  9. bdodds

    bdodds Bit Poster

    My Nuvi 360 worked until I updated the software to ver 3.6... :mad:
  10. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers


    Did you upgraded Parallels to build 3188? Garmin should work fine there.
  11. old pal

    old pal

    My Street Pilot 2610 always worked with Parallels for Mac. Now my 60 CS works Great work Parallels!
  12. huggy77


    I was able to use my Garmin 396 with my macbook - my Imac kept telling me "the device was being used by another program" it would show up in the device dropdown but when i tried to activate from the drop down menu i got that error... Any ideas? I am glad i am not the only GARMIN poster on here... i was surprised to see all the garmin posts... GARMIN DEVELOPERS HAVE TO GET OFF THERE ASSES AND PUT OUT SOME GOOD MAP SOFTWARE...
  13. John Purins

    John Purins

    Garmin made an announcement regarding Mac support on January 10, 2006. In this announcement, Garmin states; "By the end of 2006, Garmin intends to have made all its popular hardware and software applications Mac OS X compatible.".

    On June 27, 2006, another press release says; "The companys Training Center software is now expected to be compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger by the end of 2006. Also at that time, we will announce the expected completion date for Garmins other hardware and software applications.". They did release an OS X version of the Training Center software on December 29, 2006 but with no further mention of Mac OS X support beyond this.

    There is a beta version of their 'WebUpdater for Mac' available but the download page for this says; "WebUpdater for Mac is not compatible with Palm, Pocket PC, serial, fixed-mount marine, chartplotters, fishfinders and discontinued devices.". That covers the vast majority of Garmin's product line and so begs the question as to what the WebUpdater for Mac is compatible with. This application is supposed to be used to update the firmware in Garmin GPS units which is the most important thing for most of their customers.

    Garmin used to release GPS firmware updates as a Windows executable file. Mac users could update their GPS firmware using a USB to serial adapter with Windows running under VirtualPC. Garmin then suddenly stopped releasing these updates as Windows executables and instead packaged them in a format that required you to buy their proprietary USB Card Programmer and memory card. The Windows driver for this USB Card Programmer did not work under VirtualPC evidently because they had not conformed to the USB specification and had implemented some non-standard way of using USB. At this point, Mac users were stuck with no way to update their GPS firmware at all.

    Fundamentally, I think that Garmin as a company has some serious issues. I've never been to Olathe, Kansas but I would venture to guess that competent Mac OS X programmers are a little hard to find there. In addition, if you look at the release notes for the GPS updates and start comparing them, you'll find a lot of basic programming errors that are being corrected. This brings into question the methods that Garmin uses to develop their software and also how thoroughly any of it is being tested before release. Lastly, look at their list of current job openings. There are a lot of them.

    Basically, I wouldn't count on Garmin putting out any good Mac OS X software in the foreseeable future. They have the largest share of the GPS market but then again, Windows has the largest share of the computer market. As Mac users, we know that having the largest market share has nothing to do with a product's quality.

    There is some good news in all of this and that is that the Garmin USB Card Programmer driver does work with Windows running under Parallels. This is not due to any effort on Garmin's part. Credit for this goes to the Parallels developers and the Parallels Desktop for Mac application.
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  14. huggy77


    you can say that again... THANK GOD FOR PARALLELS... The only reason we have windows in my office is to run GARMIN software....
  15. John Purins

    John Purins

    You might get a chuckle out of the following quote from Garmin's FAQ on how to connect their USB Card Programmer to a Windows machine.

    "If you have a compatible chipset, make sure that your mouse and keyboard do not connect to your USB Ports in any way. If the mouse and keyboard use a round plug and do not plug into the USB Ports, then continue to the next step. IF they connect to the USB Ports, then contact your computer manufacturer on how you can connect our USB Device to your PC to make it function."

    The entire Garmin response is right here and gives you a good idea of how they implemented USB. Also makes you appreciate what Parallels is up against in enhancing the USB capabilities of Parallels Desktop for Mac.
  16. mikesharp


    Help with etrex required

    Hi there ...

    I purchased Parallels specifically to use with Garmin Map Source and my GPS units.

    I have both a etrex and a Zumo GPS. The Zumo connects directly with a usb to usb cable, and works fine with the software (MapSource).

    However the etrex connects via a USB to serial cable made by a company called Prolific. I have installed the drivers, and although the Windows sees the cable (in device manager) I can not get the Garmin software to see it. Prolific support suggested that I try using Hyperterminal to see if I can get any output from the device. I have tried, and even this does not work.

    Details of versions is as follows ;

    MacOS - 10.4.9
    Paralells - build 3188
    Guest system - Windows XP
    MapSource - 6.12.2
    Prolific USB to Serial -
    etrex firmware version - 3.5.1

    Has anyone got an etrex working ? If so, please could you tell me how yours is set up ?

    Or if there is an expert in here that could help ???

    Im desperate to get this working, as I have just come back from a biking trip to Morocco and have lots of off road routes in the etrex which I need to share with someone who is going back.

    Thanks for your help.

  17. John Purins

    John Purins


    We're getting a little off subject here but I'll try to help.

    Be sure that you install the USB to serial adapter driver under OS X and not in Windows. See this thread on what you need to do. The procedure should be similar to that of a Keyspan USB to serial adapter.
  18. UnoriginalNick


    I've been trying for months to get Parallels to work with my Garmin GPS60 with no luck. Today I tried the VMware Fusion beta and everything worked perfectly on the first try. I'm using real time tracking on a MacBook with a GPS60 and Maptech Terrain Navigator.

    I am disappointed that the Parallels team never responded to multiple requests from multiple people to discuss the issue with Garmin compatability. For those who still have been unable to get their GPS working on Parallels.
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  19. mikesharp


    John ... Have replied in the other thread, as is probably more relevant. Many thanks for your help, but if I could trouble you for some more words of wisdom ? Mike
  20. DesertFalcon


    As a Professional Pilot I know that the Parallel software does not work with the Jeppesen "Jepp Drive" AKA, "Skybound II."

    It is important for us to have access to this hardware, since pilots are upgrading the Navigation databases for the Garmin 430 and Garmin 530's; The hardware is Windows based.

    Parallels Programming team please contact the Jeppesen Technical support team to design a driver fix for this problem.

    You can contact them at:

    Western Hemisphere, Denver Offices

    Within USA: 800-732-2800
    Direct: 303-328-4587
    FAX: 303-328-4135

    Or Mail:
    Jeppesen Sanderson Inc.
    Attn: PC Applications Support
    55 Inverness Drive East
    Englewood, CO 80112


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