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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server – HTML5 Gateway' started by LodgingEconometrics, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. LodgingEconometrics

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    Are there known issues when using even supported versions of Internet Explorer? Our clients using IE are reporting that the system is nearly unusable in IE. Things improve when using Google Chrome. Firefox is not as good as Chrome, but better than IE, especially when using the Surface Pro 3 and the like.

    Is anyone else see these issues? Anyone have any tips for getting better performance from IE through the HTML5Gateway?
  2. Hello LodgingEconometrics,
    Please provide us more information on what exactly happens when you are using Internet Explorer also try to clear all the cookies and history in the Internet Explorer browser and let us know if that improves the performance.
  3. Michielv1

    Michielv1 Junior Member

    We are experience he same problems. Especially in IE in combination with RDP to Windows 2008 R2 desktops. Windows 2012 R2 goes better.
    In Google Chrome no problems. Clean cookies and history not helping.
    We noticed it after we upgraded to the latest Parallels version (v15.5.3.16284) Anyone familiar with this? And can we do something with it?
  4. Valentin@Parallels

    Valentin@Parallels Parallels Support

    Greetings @Michielv1
    Can't say that we have received reports of such behavior. Any chance you can briefly describe the setup so I can try to run this scenario in test lab? generally I'm interested in 2 points:
    1. Which version of IE experiences slow performance?
    2. What sort of applications are being used? Is there anything related to 3D modeling/image rendering?
    Frankly speaking my primary assumption is that we may be talking about old versions of IE which have pretty poor HTML5 compatibility, but anyways I'll be looking forward to hear from you so we can discuss the case further.

  5. Michielv1

    Michielv1 Junior Member

    Hi Valentin,

    We used IE version 11. En MS Edge. Both browsers has slow performance. Chrome/Safari not.
    The application we use is a simple RDP desktop with Outlook/Word 2010. The screen refresh rate is blocky.
    Note: Windows 2008 R2 is slow, but when we use Windows 2012 R2 the performance is a lot better!
    Hope you can do something with this info. Please respond if you need more.

    Kind regards!
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  6. Swati@Parallels


    Hello Michielv1, please follow below steps and let us know how it goes:
    1. For IE and Edge performance issue, please check this Microsoft article
    2. To increase virtual machine performance, please check this article
  7. Michielv1

    Michielv1 Junior Member

    Hello Valentin,

    I followed the suggestions but the combination of Windows 2008 R2 & IE11 stays slow.
    Edge goed better and other browsers. The VM's have enough mem en cpu power.
    I still don't understand why this is happening. Any other ideas?
  8. jpc

    jpc Pro

    @Michielv1 The RDP graphics stack used by Windows 2012 R2 is quite different from Windows 2008 R2. In general, it may need less tweaking to get good results.
    As for performance issues on Windows 2008 R2, did you try to toggle quirks mode on/off?
    If that does not help, you may want to change the color depth via GPO (maybe force 16 bit instead of 32)?

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