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  1. Todd L. Crumpler

    Todd L. Crumpler

    Dear Plesk Patrons,

    As you most likely know by now we have released PSA v5.0 Master. This release is limited to the PSA v5.0 software and the upgrade scripts for PSA v2.5, which are included in the downloadable files available on The Creation Utilities, Backup and Restore utilities and Red Hat 7.3 releases will follow these builds and release during the coming weeks and we have some nice additions to these as well.

    So that everyone is clear on this the PSA v5.0 Master Interface is an optional feature of the PSA v5.0 release. PSA v5.0 will require users to install a new license key. If you plan to upgrade to PSA v5.0 contact your Sale Representative ahead of time to upgrade your existing key to a PSA v5.0 License. If you want to upgrade your license to include the Master Interface for Multi-Server Management we can do this for you. Any PSA v5.0 system can have a Master interface.

    The Master Interface when activated adds an additional button to your PSA v5.0 system. This button gives you access to the Master Interface where you can add up to 10, 25, or 50 PSA servers for management and monitoring. For pricing or if you want to purchase a Master Interface License or upgrade visit the online store at or contact for more information.

    Plesk, Inc. thanks you for your patronage and we promise to continue our commitment to developing the finest Server software in the world.

    Best Regards,

    Todd L. Crumpler

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