Getting message There are no virtual USB host controller ports available.

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    I am running Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview(21296.1000) via the Parallels Technical Preview - latest update as of this writing. I am trying to connect 2 USB devices to this VM. One is a weather station via Acurite PC Connect software and the other is a Uniden Scanner - basically shows up as Comm Port 3 in the ProScan software and Device Manager. Both work fine independently. However, when I try to connect both by going into the USB Controller and selecting both of them I a get the message as follows.
    The USB device cannot be connected.
    There are no virtual USB host controller ports available in "Windows 10" for the "Chaney Instrument #2" device to be connected.
    The Comm 3 port is already selected and in use when selecting. I can see it in the Device Manager. Interestingly when I only have the Chaney Instrument connected, I have not been able to find in the Device Manager. Not sure where it is really hiding as I thought it would have been a comm port as well. I know from the old days, you could run two serial device as long as they were either on 1/3 and 2/4. I even suspected something like this but not finding the Chaney basically was telling I couldn't change the port. Anyways - this message is from Parallels Desktop and not Windows.
    Any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated? Do I really have a need to run both at once - not really - I just feel challenged.

    --Mickey A
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    In the same boat here. Disappointed that support hasn't been more active in helping us understand the issue. I will 'watch' this post!!
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