Getting your network working again in Beta 6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by netdog, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Go to "Connect To" in your start menu (on the right) and select "Show all connections"

    Select your Parallels network adapter, right click (ctrl-click for one button mouse) the adaper and select properties.

    Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" in the list in the window and click properties.

    Select the button "Use the following IP address" and enter an IP that is consistent with your network (usually 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x) and make X a number below the range assigned by DHCP on your gateway/router. The subnet is usually in home networks. The DNS Server should be set to whatever the IP address of your gateway/router is.

    All of the missing information in the above paragraph can be found by looking using Airport Admin Utility on your aiport, or accessing your gateway/modem/router administration page through a web page (see the support page for your particular device's admin function at their website support section if you don't know how to do this).

    Please, anybody with more knowledge please edit the above so that Parallels can put up a sticky in the end with foolproof instructions. At least this is a start.
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    thanks ! Very usefull tip!
  3. Adlerburg

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    Netdog's expaination is great, and works. I'd just like to underscore the part about configuring the correct netmask, router, dns, etc otherwise (obviously) networking will be notworking. Very easy way to get this info is in the Mac SystemPrefences->Network->Show:Airport
    This will give you the IP address for both your airport adapter and your wireless router, subnet mask, etc. Assuming you are using an wireless router with built in DHCP, just pick a number over 100 (less than 254) for your last octet. For example, if your wireless router is configure your static address for your Parellel VM
    Oh, and like the dog said, in your VM, configure DNS to match the wireless router's IP.... in this case

    AND PARELLELS, as the dog also said, PLEASE make this thread sticky.. thanks

  4. Alphonse

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    What about those of us who roam different networks?

    at home i have an IP scheme of 192.168.23.x, but at work we use 192.168.100.x. Parallels should be able to grab the info from the Wireless adapter and plug in some additional info to full out the Windows networking parameters. like maybe a preference to just set the 4th octet and get the rest from the Mac's network setup automatically, or some kind of location manager software.
  5. Adlerburg

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    You might have a problem here, as some networks will not allow you to have a static address... in this case, this workaround will not work. I'm sure (I am... not successful yet) someone is working on a DHCP work around right now.
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    What parallels needs to do is just get DHCP working again which I am sure they will do in short order.

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