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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by dtempleton, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Not sure if this is a wishlist for Parallels or other suggestions, but...

    We use Parallels/xp mainly to run win32 binaries through either cygwin or the cmd window, since cygwin chokes on some of our applications (because fo the 'too many args' problem, but that is another story).

    The problem is that the 'cmd window' application sucks, as does cygwin that runs in it. How do PC users stand this application?

    It would be oh-so-fine to run iTerm or even mac Terminal to run the cmd window. Is this possible? Alternatively, a better PC terminal program would be a plus, anything with copy-paste, drag and drop, and a better scrollback would help. I've looked and it isn't obvious that there is one.



    p.s. I know we can ssh to run cygwin, but that still doesn't help to run the dos emulator.
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    Install Interix (Services for UNIX, URL below). Then install sshd. You can start cmd.exe and from an Interix shell. This allows you to use Mac OS' terminal application to run DOS/Windows/Interix binaries. Cygwin will still work as its sits atop Win32 and Cygwin programs are Windows programs.

    The below URL is for Interix for Windows XP/2003. Windows Vista Ultimate and some of the other editions come with Interix included. Just go to Windows features and activate the subsystem for UNIX applications.

    Windows' terminal window is TERRIBLE.
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    Incidentally, while I think the question is a good one, it is not obvious what it has to do with Parallels...

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