Google Chrome performance in Parallels 8

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Leif ArneB, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Jesse8263


    same issue in parallels 8 with MBP Retina

    especially the resolution of chrome,

    looks foggy
  2. m1ketayl0r

    m1ketayl0r Bit Poster

    Chrome unusable

    Same issue here - Chrome is totally unusable on Windows 8 under Parallels on my late-2011 MBPro.
  3. WickIndy


    I, too, am having major issues with Chrome in Windows 8 guest os.

    This is on my Mid-2012 MBP w/ retina display. Everything (Parallels, Windows, OSX, Chrome) has the latest updates.

    The problems I experience are:

    - opening a new tab in Chrome just duplicated the content of the previous tab, and usually refreshing doesn't help.
    - Refreshing is very slow most of the time.

    I haven't seen the "all black" tab issue yet.

    I've tried the Windows 8 dynamic tick hack from 3 or 4 posts up, with no change in results.

    I'm a web developer and my job requires me to use Chrome, so this is very annoying.
  4. DafyddJ


    Same issues experienced here with Windows 7 and Windows 8 since I updated to Parallels 8. Graphics freeze but website seems to load in the background but doesn't get rendered. I'm also a web developer and this makes it very difficult!
  5. bigun66


    Solution to Chrome on Parallels 8

    I tried installing the "Chrome Dev Channel" - which is a separate branch of the Chrome browser which leads the development of the "Stable Channel". I still have a few random glitches, but it is much, much, much better and overall very usable under Parallels.

    You can try it here:

    This also gives some hope that a future version of Chrome will work better under Parallels.

  6. Nick2021


    Occasionally get the black screen in Chrome, have to restart the browser to fix.

    Usually when browsing to a new site from a tab with a current site the old site stays in the viewport and I can no longer manipulate the page. Closing the tab and opening a new one fixes the issue.

    Really hope Parallels fixes this soon, I really like Chrome over the other browsers.
  7. sgbussing


    I'm having the same issues as posted here.

    IMac 27"
    12 Gb Mem

    Parallels 8 (up to date)
    Windows 7

    Chrome is performing very poor. When I google and click on one of the results, it opens in a second tab, but takes a lot of time to load of even crashes. This is nog workable. I tried re-installing Chrome, but this doesn't solve the issue.

    Any solution would be nice.

    Chrome: Version 25.0.1364.152 m
    Parallels: Build 8.0.18354
    Mac: OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)
  8. MartyDa



    FYI, I just tried disabling 3D Video acceleration and that seems to resolve a lot of the issues. Obviously I don't want to leave this in place but it does point to a video driver issue. Please fix this!
  9. pktlabs


    Same issue

    I'm having the same issue here:

    MBP Retina 15", Early 2013
    Google Chrome 25.0.1364.152 m
    Parallels Build 8.0.18354 (Revision 823166; December 4, 2012)
  10. eessydoe


    I know parallels thinks they have resolved the issue, but it still persists. Need some resolution.
  11. sgbussing


    Disabling the 3D Video acceleration did fix the problem for me for now. Hope to see a fix soon
  12. gabeanderson


    Upgrading to Chrome today seems to have resolved this for me

    I’ve had this issue recur ever since I started using Parallels last year. It was happening again the last couple days (mostly switching tabs wouldn’t show correct content, then I’d have to re-launch Chrome to fix). Issue seemed OK recently, then it came back (had the blackout issue in past, too).

    My configuration:

    • MacBook Pro (15-inch)
    • Parallels Desktop 8 Build 8.0.18354 (latest as of 3/13/2013)
    • Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m (latest as of update this morning, 3/13/2013)
    • Flash Player: You have version 11,6,602,180 installed (latest as of 3/13/2013)

    I suspect the issue is related to Flash Player, as has been the case in the past (noticed this week that Flash content was distorted and characters in Flash input fields were not displaying correctly). Chrome uses a built-in Flash Player. As a test and possible resolution, I had previously used the non-integrated Flash Player with Chrome, but have now switched back after updating Chrome today.

    I updated Chrome this morning and the issue seems OK for now. So far, so good since updating.
  13. BrianGraf


    Still seeing the problem after updating to all the latest versions. I can't believe that nobody from Parallels thinks this is important enough to respond to.
  14. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi everyone,

    Please let me know the exact issue you have with Chrome performance on Parallels Desktop 8. Going through the thread I see there were different kinds of complaints - some of them were fixed, some were not. To be able to get a faster resolution please post:

    1. The exact issue description (weird screen resolution/mouse problem/etc)
    2. Problem report ID:

    I will do my best to help once I get this information from you. Thanks!
  15. pechar

    pechar Bit Poster

    I am experiencing the same as above. Chrome ends up with unresponsive tabs, scroll wheel doesn't work. Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m.
    Macbook Pro Retina 15" Parallels 8. All browsers and the rest of the vm work perfectly. I am using the Boot Camp and virtual machine. Chrome obviously runs well when in Boot Camp. I guess I will post an official support request when I have some time
  16. pechar

    pechar Bit Poster

    Andrew@Parallels I've submitted a report. The report id is 23279617. I've described my issue in the report. Hope this helps in your investigation.
  17. RussJCin

    RussJCin Bit Poster

    Support Ticket: 1614520
  18. simonma

    simonma Bit Poster

    Support Ticket: 1612283

    Your helpdesk asked me to reinstall Parallels Tools, which obviously does NOT work. Please help.
  19. WickIndy


    Problem report submitted. ID: 23346652

    The issue with me is quite often Chrome will not load a page's content in a tab. Seems to happen after switching away from Parallels and back to it, then clicking a link in Chrome. More details in my problem report.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2013
  20. GregPon


    I am also having the issue of freezing and black tabs and having to constantly restart chrome in windows 7 on MBP w/ Retina. However, I have found that when I am streaming audio or video in the first tab I open, bloomberg radio for example, then all of the tabs continue to work fine for quite a while. Once I close the stream then the other tabs quickly begin to freeze.

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