GPU accelerated VM in the cloud, with local sync.

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    Sadly I've just found Parallels Desktop inadequate for some games I like to play and I imagine that designers and other professionals who use DirectX will have similar experience. It is amazing what Parallels can do but limitations with virtualisation prevent connecting GPU's directly to the guest.
    The solution is cloud DaaS services with proprietary display protocols that are charged by the hour or by periodic subscription fees. The reason I don't like cloud DaaS solutions is the lack of control of my data and lack of integration with my local computer.

    The Perfect Solution:
    Parallels Desktop Pro that can synchronise the virtual machine with a cloud provider giving the option to run in GPU acceleration mode by booting directly on the server and streaming the display. It would be great if Parallels features such as Coherence and folder mapping could work with the server transparently. With data being sync'ed it would be possible to boot the virtual machine from the local desktop copy without acceleration when it's not required. In addition a cloud subscriber would be able to run their virtual machines from iPad's and other mobile OS devices with the GPU acceleration advantage: Parallels Desktop Mobile!
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