Graphic issues in Unity and latest Build

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by Andre Geisler, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Andre Geisler

    Andre Geisler Bit Poster


    after updating Parallels on my Mac I have graphic issues in Unity on Ubuntu 14.04.
    Example: [​IMG]

    Do you habe any idea how to fix this problem?
    On Ubuntu 15.10 everything is fine.
    Parallels Version 11.1.0 (32202), with the version before, everything was fine.

    Andre Geisler
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  2. Andre Geisler

    Andre Geisler Bit Poster

    Does anybody else have the same problem?
    I just tested some kernels (3.16, 3.19, 4.2). Always with the same errors.
  3. unorthodx

    unorthodx Bit Poster

    I'm in the same boat. Had to revert to prior Parallels build. I made a clone of the VM immediately before the unfortunate installation of the latest build. Curiously enough when trying the latest build with another Ubuntu 14.04 VM (newer installation) I didn't have that effect. On both VM machines immediately after booting I have a message about some missing Parallels Tools related kernel modules.
  4. Andre Geisler

    Andre Geisler Bit Poster

    New release today, but it did not fix anything :(
  5. Thomas Hartwig

    Thomas Hartwig Bit Poster

    I don't know if it helps, but I had to do following to recover my libraries after upgrade, I use xfce as a fallback by the way:
    sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx
  6. Andre Geisler

    Andre Geisler Bit Poster

    reinstalling libgl2 did not help either.
    I am also using xfce at the moment.
    It ist really disappointing paying a lot of money once a year for product which does work
    work properly. I am really not interested in windows, but Linux is a must have.
  7. ChristianS7

    ChristianS7 Bit Poster

    To be fair Parallels Tools doesn't use the open-vm-tools, so integration into rolling distributions is really really hard. They change their ABI on purpose, so Parallels Tools needs to update as soon as a change in the Distribution ABI occurs. And Ubuntu/Fedora changes their ABI really often.

    However I can tell you that the License model of Parallels is way better than their competitor.

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