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    I have recently upgraded to Windows 11 with Parallels 18. I use two applications for opening 3d models. Both applications had issues with graphics rendering proper when 3d models were open. One app had partial graphics showing and the other showed nothing. Parallels customer support tried to solve with various trial and error of setting adjustments, but with no luck. I remembered having similar issue when upgrading to Windows 10 before and at that time, someone at Parallels customer support gave me a solution. I found some notes about it and tried that same solution that worked again now with Windows 11, and I'd like to share for anyone else with similar issues.
    1. Shut down your virtual machine (Actions > Shut down). If it is in a suspended state, resume it and then shut down.
    2. Go to the virtual machine configuration and click "Hardware > Boot Order > Advanced Settings > Boot flags".
    3. Paste the following text in the "Boot flags" field:
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    Hello @MatthewK12, We appreciate your help with this solution in regard to the graphics 3d modeling render issue.
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    I am currently at work and not on my home computer. So, will put them up later. To begin, my original video card was a 6800GS 256mb card. It served me very well and I loved it. Eventually I had to reformat my computer and load new stuff and all that, and I went to the nvidia site and got the latest drivers. After this, games with 3D rendering started to glitch. The Sims2, Everquest2, Vanguard, BF2, BF2152 and a few others. What happens is things do not render completely. So a person may be missing their torso but their head and limbs are there, or their leg is missing or the ground is missing, or a wall is missing. As well, the character graphics sometimes tear. So, part of the leg may tear to the shoulder (but never across the screen). I thought my card was dying. So... I bought a 7950GT 512mb card. I was like "Yay an upgrade". SADLY, I have the SAME problem. So, I had already bought this card, and figured I might as well put the 6800GS in my older computer (which uses an old version of the nvidia drivers). That computer has NO graphics glitches at all. So, I determined this must be a driver problem. Sadly... the 7950GT is too new to roll back to a driver version that does not has this problem. As well, with graphics set to max in EQ2 the 7950GT gets to about 72 degrees. The 6800GS in the other computer gets to about 80 degrees. The gliitches happen at the same rate on the lowest possible settings just as often as they do on max settings. As well, the problem is fixxed temporarily sometimes when I refresh the screen. Alt+Tab to desktop and then switch back into game, or in vanguard /flush, or in EQ2 going to windowed mode and then back into full screen. My system specs for the main computer: 3.0ghz pentium 4 single core 2gb ddr2 Ram 7950GT 512mb card 500W power suppply Win2k 5 Fans (not including fan on CPU, PSU, or GPU) My old/secondary system: 3.0ghz pentium D dual core 2gb ddr Ram 6800GS 256mb card 500W power supply Win2K 2 fans (not including fans on CPU, PSU, or GPU) Am I correct in figuring this to be a driver issue? As well, is there a way I can fix this? Oh, some games experience no problems like: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Birth of the Federation, Rome Total War, Hegemonia, Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Wars Empires at War and a few others. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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    In order to proceed with further investigation, kindly provide us with the below information:
    1. Reproduce the issue.
    2. Collect a technical report (right-click Parallels icon in Dock > Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and send the report's 9-digit ID in a reply.
    Thank you!

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