Graphics Issue - MBP works, iMac doesn't

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jimmyhart, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Hi folks, wonder if you might be able to shed some light on this strange problem...

    I use 2 iMacs in my business as a kitchen designer. Our software, "Winner" by Compusoft, is a Windows-only program. I have been using Parallels to run Winner on the iMacs with great success...until last week.

    Both iMacs began to experience corrupted project files in the Winner database, apparently a result of (or related to) issues with the 3D perspective view of the kitchen being designed, and the associated 'elevation' view (where you can look at one wall in particular and select the various appliances on that wall). The software would freeze up while using these features, and the contents of the two windows would switch themselves around/go 'blocky'/disappear.

    However, my Macbook Pro runs the software in Parallels without this issue. It is however a Boot Camp-based virtual machine.

    So I installed Boot Camp partitions on the iMacs. Running natively, the Winner software is happy. However, the same old issues occur when running in Parallels.

    I've reinstalled Vista. I've reinstalled Parallels. I've reinstalled Winner. No use.

    I'm thought that Winner may have had an update which caused the problem - but when I reinstalled the program back to a previous version, still the same problem.

    Why would both iMacs experience the same problem independently at the same time? Why is my MBP ok with it? Really out of ideas here!

    Looking forward to your thoughts/ideas....much appreciated.

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    Here are a couple of thoughts:

    1) Could be Hardware related. The MBP should have a better graphics processor and more video memory.

    2) Could be how Parallels is configured. I would check the settings for Video and Memory on both machines. For example, with Parallels running, but the VM not running, you can edit the virtual machine settings. Check the setting for "Video" on the MBP. Is DirectX enabled or disabled? Make sure that this setting is the same on the iMac. Next check the setting for memory. At the lower half of this setting you will see "Video Memory". Again, check the MBP first and see if the iMac is set differently.

    Good luck.

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