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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by AndreasF7, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. AndreasF7

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    Running Parallels 14 and Windows 10 on Mac OS Mojave.
    My issue is that the settings under Hardware/Graphics regarding Retina/DPI are sometimes missing resulting in blurry applications in windows.
    Currently I only have the option "Memory - Auto (Recommended)" and not the options "Scaled", "Best for retina" etc that you need to be able to configure Windows 10 for best appearance.
    If I do multiple reboots of the client the retina options sometimes comes back but normally I'm stuck with the "blurry" look.
    Can an old version of Parallels in some way mess up the settings. I started off with installing Parallels 8 before realizing that this version was not possible to install on Mojave. After purchasing the full license for Parallels 14 I continued the installation.
    Currently this is driving me nuts since Windows looks like crap and I don't have the configuration options available to change the behaviour.
    Any help is appreciated! :)

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  2. Maria@Parallels

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    Just for check, could you please completely remove Parallels Desktop, install it again, and then start your Windows Vm and reinstall Parallels Tools.
    Please let us know the results.
  3. AndreasF7

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    I have tried to do a complete re-install by removing all Parallell files that I could find using Spotlight (I haven't been able to find any detailed instructions for a file per file un-install) and then re-installing to the latest version. Unfortunately the problem persists. However, I have done some more testing and it seems to be related to the Samsung monitor I'm using (LS24H850QFUXEN).
    1. As soon as I connect the Samsung Monitor (Resolution 2560x1440, connected via USB-C) the Retina Settings are gone (with no Retina options).
    2. Starting the VM without any external screens connected (read: Only the built-in Mac Retina display) or using the 24" inch Dell Monitor U2412M (1920x1200, connected via Displayport-USB-C adapter) all graphic settings for retina configuration are back.
    I have tested to set the Display Resolution in Mac OS to something else than "Default for Display" for the Samsung but with no luck.
    My preferred set-up is to use both the DELL and the Samsung monitors simultaneously (and the lid to the Mac closed) where I use the WM on one full screen and Mac OS on the other. As the scaling/configuration bug is happening this just don't seems possible.

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