Great applications only for Windows?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by studiogeek, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hugh Watkins

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    me too I used Norton fro 10 years

    and have just switched to the freebie
    AVG 75

    kids (especially girls) get virus / trojan filled machines because they are sharing music and games from doubtful sources

    Windows Live Messanger now in 8.1 beta is better than the Mac version
    I have a java version on my videophone too

    Hugh W
  2. mcg

    mcg Hunter

    Quicken for Windows is leaps and bounds superior to Quicken for Mac; and even if it were not, conversion is such a pain that it is far easier to run Parallels.

    As for the person who mentioned Matlab: a beta for Intel Mac is available; see the Mathworks web site for details. I have it, and it works reasonably well, but it's not perfect yet (particularly for those of us who do a lot of MEX file development)
  3. GrizzlyAdams

    GrizzlyAdams Member

    I own Newsbin Pro and felt the same way as you until I discovered Hellanzb. This a Unix app which is only a bit involved to set up the first time and then it does it ALL! It runs in the terminal but there is a widget to GUify it in Dashboard if you like.

    Here's an awesome step by step guide if you're interested:

    The best part of this setup (besides being totally free) is it is FAST as lightning, supports as many pipes and servers that you can throw at it AND it not only processes the NZB files it downloads only as many PARs as necessary for posts with errors and then fixes them and unRARs everything all in the background. Then it deletes all the working files for you leaving only the finished product.

    Its really amazing and I haven't used Newsbin Pro in a few months. Originally NBPro was my main reason for running Parallels.
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  4. pastrychef

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    Hi, GrizzlyAdams. Thanks for the info. I'll give it shot once I have some free time, but I'm not sure how comfortable I will be not having a full GUI...

    I tried using Pan under X11 for a bit and it was decent but was buggy and would crash when dealing with extremely large groups.
  5. GrizzlyAdams

    GrizzlyAdams Member

    Don't get too discouraged at first. It really is just setting up one configuration file with your server settings, etc. and then a few other steps as listed on that page. There is a GUI of sorts. It runs in the terminal window and you can see what files it is working on, how much time there is left and your throughput speed, etc.

    The beauty of it for me is in it's power while being so minimal. Once you set it up for a download directory in your web browser of choice all you have to do from then on is download the NZB files and it does it all in the background automatically with no interaction whatsoever. In this way it is even more powerful than Newsbin Pro, Newsleecher, etc.

  6. mkummer

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    The reason for Windows on my MacBook Pro is more or less QUICKEN 2007 (German). Since all tax related things have to be localized, I have no alternative - Q does not exist on the Mac in german. The program runs absolutely perfect in Parallels - printing (via Bonjour) and Internet banking (via shared network) works like charm.

    The next two reasons I would have for Parallels would be MS Flight Sim and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 - but those two games need 3D acceleration. I hope this comes soon to Parallels. Then all would be perfect for me.
  7. waterhead37

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    Have a look at iFamily for Tiger for a great Mac genealogy program (

    No affiliation - just asatisfied user (I switched from a PC word using mainly Legacy there)
  8. perkata

    perkata Bit poster

    I use a lot of Chinese-language programs, none of which seem to have OS X equivalents:

    Siku Chuanshu (full-text Chinese classical literature database);
    Sibu Congkan (ditto);
    Hanyu Dacidian (encyclopedic dictionary);
    Chinese OCR programs of various sorts (TH-OCR; Hanwang; Shangshu, etc.).

    Those I've tested seem to work well under parallels and some variety of Windows.
  9. cyberhh

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    There are a few, the big ones:

    MS OneNote - I keep a tablet just for this app, there is nothing else that comes close
    Too many windows network tools to count
  10. scthkr

    scthkr Bit poster


    cygwin allows you to emulate linux on windows.
    If you have pre-compiled binaries for cygwin, they will not work on the Mac side in Terminal.
  11. tomservo291

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    Like Quicksilver and or Spotlight on OS X?

    Get "Launchy" for windows. It's just like quicksilver. Free too.

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