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  1. Ray


    Just rebooted my test computer which has a Win2000 host and a Suse10 guest. After suspending the Suse10 guest and then resuming I went through the motions of Log Out - Turn the Computer Off, however when using Power Off the guest went through the Suspend process and despite several attempts only the suspend function would work, no power off.

    This problem was compounded on a resume of the Suse10 guest when it crashed and I finished up with a screen reminiscent of The Matrix title screen. Being totally unable to shut the guest down, I therefore had no way of getting past The Matrix screen.

    Question: Should I

    1. Just delete the VM and reinstall the guest

    2. Delete the VM, then uninstall and reinstall Parallels Workstation.


    Edited by Ray - perhaps this post should really have gone into the Technical forum, any mod like to move it if appropriate.

    Thanks Ray
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  2. STim

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    Didn't you change the Edit->Preferences->Common Tab->VM Shutdown on behavior? It looks like that the default action is set to "Suspend VM" causing your VM to suspend when you press Power off.

    Just change the "VM shutdown behavior" to power off or to "Ask me what to do". You should be able to turn off the VM then.

    Yep, I think the better place for it will be "Parallels Workstation" Forum. I'll move the topic there.
  3. Ray



    Thanks for the reply, I think I did change the shutdown behaviour but assumed that if I used the OS Shutdown procedure it would override the default. Seems like an anomaly to have the Guest OS suspend after it has been turned off.

    I'll switch it later and see what happens.

    Thanks again.


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