Hardcoding a mac address accross a parrallels VM sessions

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jordanz, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Hardcoding a mac address accross different parrallels VM sessions

    Pardon me if I sound uninformed but I am trying to help out a friend who is having an issue using Parrellels for a XP sessions on a MAC. Apparently he had to recently re image the MAC. Now with every new XP/Parralel session a different mac address has been generated, This may be "normal" - I dont know - but the issue is that the Mac address must remain the same (oon alll sessions) because of some security provisions set up by the network team. Anyone know of a way to keep the same Mac address on all new VM sessions?
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    No way to do that yet - you will have to manually fix it for each new VM.
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    Here is a way to work around this. Tell your friend to buy a four port router, something like a Linksys or Netgear. Now connect the router's WLAN connection to the network, and connect the Mac to one of the port. Enable MAC cloning on the router and set its value to the MAC address you need. Now your OS/X and all the VMs can have its own MAC address but they will all have the same MAC as seen from the network. Your friend will probably need to hide that router under his desk because network admin usually don't like people doing that. And I will not be responsible if your friend got himself into trouble for violating his company's policy but it is a work around.
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