Has new Office 2010 upgrade of 11/27 broke Outlook For Anyone?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by pnkearns, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. pnkearns

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    The 11/27 Upgrade of Outlook 2010 - PSTs lost / New Accounts "Unknown Error"
    I'm about to got crazy over Outlook this holiday weekend.

    I'm running on a Mac/Parallels 11, running Windows 10 and Office 2010.

    There was a big upgrade on 11/27 of Office 2010, including Outlook.
    Talk about a Black Friday surprise.

    First, my PST files couldn't be read.
    Yeah, I spend hours tracking down the MSFT free PST scan tool which tried to zero them all out.
    Then I found a commercial tool to fix most of it.
    That took me a full day to recover.

    Still now, I'm trying to add an email account to Outlook.
    It can find the centurylink.net account.

    Then when I hit "finish", it gives me
    "An unknown error has occurred 0x80040119"

    Looking up the wonderful MSFT error code, the PST file hasn't been created.
    But.....it's there. The damn program just can't just can't seem to access it.

    And I've just tried to repair the 11/27 Office, and I'm still hosed.
    Any ideas on what the heck this system is doing??

    Sorry for the tone of this, but I'm pissed off at my holiday being screwed up by this.
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  2. Sylvester@Parallels

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    Hello pnkearns,
    Please follow this work around and see if you are able to fix this issue.
  3. pnkearns

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    Thank you.
    I ran Tools again, and that seemed to stabilize my Outlook 2010.

    I have since found that, for some magical reason, MSFT designed Outlook 2010 to want all PST data files on the local C: drive, but then defined them to be in Documents/Outlook directory. So when Parallels mapped them to the common Documents directory, it was, from Outlook's view, putting them onto a network drive somewhere. With multiple drives and partitions become common, as well as virtual machines, you think MSFT would know better.

    In any case, I added your work around as well. Hopefully, I won't see this issue again.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Best Regards,
  4. Vicki_Mongan

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    I downloaded the update and it didn't fix a thing. Neither did the manual workaround. I have no idea what "Tools" means in the post from someone here or how to map my Outlook files to the Windows 7 drive. I have lost so much time to this issue -- both work and holiday hours. I'm ready to pitch Parallels completely.

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