Help Error: Unable to open new session in this virtual machine.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by GaryA1, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. GaryA1

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    My windows 7 updated today on my virtual machine and now Windows doesn't recognize my login password. I've tried some of the fixes mentioned here but I'm getting the following error:
    Unable to open new session in this virtual machine. Make sure the latest version of Parallels Tools

    I've tried this but maybe I'm not doing things correctly as I could use some help walking through getting the getting Parallels tools updated.

    Can someone please help? I need the VM for my company Quickbooks and I'm trying to finalize the books for my accountant for my tax return. I'm dead in the water right now.
  2. Manoj@Parallels

    Manoj@Parallels Parallels Support Parallels Support

    Hi Gary,
    Please submit a Problem Report and provide us the ID number here, so that we can check & assist you better.
  3. PeterG30

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    Uninstall and Re-Install VirtualBox.
    The next method to solve the problem "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine" in VirtualBox, is to uninstall and then to reinstall the VirtualBox application, especially if the problem appeared after a Windows Update.


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