Help with Printer Install in OpenSUSE 10.2

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by tjhcom, Oct 3, 2007.

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    As background, this is my first experience with Linux so I apologize for what might be a basic request....

    I have been unsuccessful with both ways that are addressed in the documentation:

    1) I tried using CUPS to install a networked printer, but when I got to the step of actually installing the printer, CUPS asked me for my username and password. After searching, I figured out how to use terminal to establish the CUPS password (using 'lppasswd -a root'), but I couldn't get past the authentication screen == I have no idea why.

    After giving up on this... I tried...

    2) establishing a parallel printer connection through parallels (e.g., in order to use a printer installed to my Mac). I configured Parallels according to the Parallels manual, and added the HP Color Laserjet 8500 PS printer in SUSE. The driver used w/in SUSE is 'Color Laserjet 8500 Postscript (recommended). The connection is a 'Local Printer' and it is directed to 'Use another printer by specifying a port:' with 'Hal printing backend' selected as the default. The printer installed just fine, but when I attempted to print a test page, the printer 'stops' and I can't restart, nor can I cancel/delete the jobs. I further can't delete the printer.

    Anyone have any ideas for either of these printer configurations? I don't care which I use, by the way. THANKS in advance for any insight!

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