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  1. Tom Ironcast

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    Well, I believe, that world has about same quantity of users, who Loves and hates Windows. Yes, we do understand, that we are far from being perfect - but we are putting some efforts to improve the situation.Community may have noticed, that we have much more Team Members answering on this forum. Again - we are working on our Support issues.

    This is correct.
    A) Customer should be receiving a message from engineer within 3 business days.
    B) Customer should be able to receive live support within 20-30 minutes
    C) As most of our efforts are concentrated on email&live support, forum unfortunately lacks our attention.There is no specific term for replying.

    It depends on his product type and issue faced.Registered users are allowed to create new threads, unless they unable to find appropriate existing one.Not that many forum people are using "Search" feature.We have a lot of duplicated threads and issues faced by Customers.

    This is correct, excepting any of Beta or RC builds.

    Yes, any Customer entitled to receive a refund by sending an appropriate message via Webform on our site.

    Thank you for your questions and any positive efforts commenced.
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  2. ericthered


    hey Tom

    Why don't you have one of your team members respond to my service ticket that was sent in on March 21st (ticket # 124557)

    I have posted my problem on this board as well and not a single team member has even attempted to provide suggestions.

    Other forum members have offered helpful suggestions but haven't been able to resolve the issue - your people appear to be ignoring the tough questions while answering the simple ones. Nice triage but piss poor customer service.
  3. flynsqrls


    great thread!

    thanks to everyone!
    very informative...
    i will probably request a refund as i am nowhere near the competency level required to handle the problems that PD has come up with!
    blue skies,

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