Hide Agent Upgrade Prompt When Launching RAS Console

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by TechS2, Mar 28, 2024.

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    Is there a way to suppress the message prompting "Agents need to be installed or upgraded" when opening the RAS console? We try to manage updates in a very controlled manner. All of our techs have been trained to hit No on that screen but having it prompt every time is inviting human error.

    I made sure that "Allow only clients with the latest security patches" was turned off in the Connections -> Allowed Devices screen but we still see the prompt.
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    1. The "Allow only clients with the latest security patches" affects clients connecting to the server-side of RAS. It is highly suggested to keep the option on. It currently has no effect on the agents themselves. On the other hand, you will get nagged to switch it back on every time the RAS console is started.
    2. As for "Agents need to be installed or upgraded" notification, it usually highly suggested to have all RAS server-side infrastructure components running at the same version. Staggered upgrades can work (or at least appear to work fine), but a single "site" should at least be running the same version in order to have all the features enabled and working properly. That is probably why there is currently no option to switch this warning off in the RAS Console. You can file a "feature suggestion" with your use case in the related forum.

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