Hide Menubar Icons - NOT WORKING

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by PhilipP8, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. PhilipP8

    PhilipP8 Bit Poster

    After reading the recent blog post on the Hide Menubar Icons feature in Parallels Toolbox, I tried it out. It seems that (at least on my configuration) it's not working: here's the look of the settings panel (there are NO visible icons to drag to the left to begin with). Nothing in the instruction video in the blog post points to a possible solution. Anyone has any suggestions to fix this?


    Note: I'm running the latest Parallels Desktop and Parallels Toolbox on the latest update of macOS Monterey, on a 16"Macbook Pro with an M1Max processor (64 GB universal memory).
  2. RobertK44

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    Mine looks the same. MBP M1 MAX.

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