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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tannebil, Apr 3, 2022.

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    I got a Mac Studio and, in the process of doing some testing, I noticed that file transfers to my Parallels 17 host were slower than expected. Further investigation confirmed that as soon as a VM is started on the host, receive performance drops from 9.32 Gbps to 5.5-6 Gbps (transmit performance is unaffected. The host is a 2018 Mac Mini with a built-in 10 Gbe Ethernet adapter, the Mac Studio comes standard with a 10 Gbe adapter. The switch is a Unifi Flex XG.

    I tried all four of the virtual Ethernet adapters and the behavior didn't change. I'm running all my VMs (Ubuntu, macO Monterey) in bridged mode.

    I filed a support request with Parallels but thought I'd ask if anybody else had seen this issue.

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