Hotfix Update: Parallels Desktop 4.0 Build 3540 is available

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Andrew @ Parallels, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. mydanes

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    dhous616 - I am blown away by the problems you describe in your post - I have 4.0.3540 with NO issues as you described. Performance is exceptional. I have not had it hang even ONCE and let me tell you I am on it CONSTANTLY for my job (oracle / sqlserver dba consultant)

    I think you should open a 'ticket' with support as I am sure there must be something 'machine specific' or perhaps you did not get the latest patch! I assure you the support folks are very good at helping figure out an issue a specific user may be having. Good luck!
  2. miamiballoonguy

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    I'm having the same problem

    I am having the same problem with my treo 680.

    You can get it to work, though if you time it just right.

    Go ahead and try to sync. When you get the dialog telling you to cancel hotsync, cancel hotsync but do not disable the dialog. When you hit cancel, hit the sync button on the usb cable connector, and then dismiss the dialog. Keep doing it, and if you time it just right, bingo, you are synching!

    It's a pain in the ass, but you can sync your stuff.

  3. olehec

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    Palm Treo 680 won't connect

    I'm having the same Treo 680 problem, I believe. The pop up screen telling me to cancel sync keeps popping up. No way to break through; the same thing happens when i use bluetooth or IR - since, I assume, they are virtual USB ports. I understand Blackberries won't work either, and iPhone can't meet my professional needs, so what should I do? Does anyone know if there is any professional PDA that will work with parallels? Any suggestions would be welcome!
  4. John Burlnd

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    Also Treo 680, also on Parallels 4 (on test for 2 weeks, after investing in Parallels 3 and being utterly unable to hotsync).
    Just HOW DIFFICULT can it be for the Parallels Dev Team to deliver a product that robustly syncs with an established PDA brand?
    I've struggled with a painfully slow Virtual PC on a PowerBook G4 via Bluetooth with all sorts of tricks, but at least it worked.
    From what I'm gathering from this forum, getting a sync to work depends on either the phases of the moon, the speed with which one interrupts the interminable screens telling me to stop syncing and retry or fooling about with settings in OSX.
    I'm not ASKING for this to be fixed - I EXPECT it to work out of the box.
    I'm not wasting $80 on a product that doesn't provide basic business functionality.
  5. JoshSpurlock

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    I too am frustrated that Parallels have failed in this area. In fact I still have not heard back from a service request regarding the same issue.

    Guys come on, this is basic business functionality. Your alienating core part of your market.
  6. LiandelloH

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    What's new in this version: This update contains only bugfixes and improvements. It hangs, doesn't support the
    USB driver that I need for two of my programs and even caused one kernel panic. I am very disappointed.
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