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  1. StasnislavP


    Hello! Please inform is it possible to configure parallels client in such a way that hotkeys the mac os worked in remote access? (change language, copy to clipboard, paste). Thank you.
  2. Valentin@Parallels

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    Greetings @StasnislavP
    Please keep in mind that since we are connecting remotely to Windows machine in published applications/published desktop session we should use Windows-based hotkeys (Like Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V; Win+R e.t.c.)
    However Parallels Client for Mac allows user to define which buttons on Mac keyboard will simulate 'Ctrl' and 'Windows' buttons in remote desktop session or published application. In order to configure this open Parallels Client for Mac and navigate to Parallels Client -> Preferences... -> 'Keyboard' tab. In this menu select which Mac keyboard buttons will serve as corresponding Windows buttons in remote desktop sessions and published applications.
    Hope this information addressed your question. If you will have any additional questions feel free to ask, I will be glad to discuss it.


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