How always open Parallels on one screen even with different login and password

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by kurtw3, Jun 26, 2020.

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    At work, I use 3 screens.
    We have to test the logins and password of a lot of users.
    Every time I put the username and the password of a user in the Parallels Client, and press on OK, the Parallels screen is stretched on the 3 screens, with the status bar strechet out on the 3 screens. It's unworkable.
    I also noticed that settings are not saved (File Connection Proporties/tab advanced settings.)

    When I use another user to test (with another login and password), the settings are not saved.

    What i have to do so the Parallels settings are SAVED (I mean the settings of the "not streched on the 3 screens option).
    What do I have to enable at the options? And where?
    Please help so i can do my work monday on a good way.
    Thank you for answering this post.
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    @kurtw3 Since you didn't specify neither the version nor the OS that you are using, I will assume that you are running the latest version of the windows client (17.1.21792).
    First off, the settings you should be looking at to work with a single monitor are:
    • published app: enable connection properties > display > "Published applications" Use primary monitor only
    • published desktop: disable connection properties > display > "General options" Use all monitors for desktop session (if applicable) and "Desktop options" Span desktop across all monitors
    These settings can be overridden by RAS policies (in which case, the options will either be grayed out or simply not visible).
    Moreover, for published desktops, each desktop has a multi-monitor option which if not set to "Use client settings" will force or disable multi-monitor support.

    As for your issue with saving the settings, they are saved in your user profile and in the registry. The latter is where your connection settings are saved, particularly if using the msi version of the client. You may have something that interferes with that.
    However I would suggest to first try the following:
    1. make sure that all appservclient.exe and tsclient.exe processes are closed
    2. launch the parallels client
    3. make your changes in the "connection properties", press apply and open them again
    If the settings are not saved, please check if there is a server-side RAS policy that is being applied to your connection. If there are no such policies you may be better off filing a support request.

    You may also try the "Basic client" (zip version) and see if that works better for you. That version writes the settings in the folder where it was extracted, so it should overcome any access or file-path issues you may be having.
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    Thank you so much jpc for your answer.
    I'll test it at work tomorrow.
  4. kurtw3

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    We use this version at work
    Version 17.0.1 (build 21472) (64 bit)

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