How can I help diagnose the restarts?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by steve3, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. steve3

    steve3 Member

    Hi guys-

    First off, this software is incredible, with the exception of one nasty behavior I'm still seeing in B5- spontaneious restarts. More than once I've returned to my MBP to find it at a login window. This only happens if I have Parallels running.

    My most recent restart was yesterday. Running Win2K in B5 in the background, using in Safari. I clicked an Upload button on the yousendit page, and whamo- my screen goes blank, and I get a restart chime.

    Since it's not an offical panic, is there some other info I can provide to help you solve this? It's going to be incredibly useful to me, but these sudden reboots are killers.
  2. David Miller

    David Miller Bit poster

    I just experienced exactly the same sudden restart as described below. Working with Parallels (build 3186) in the background somewhere and whammo, screen suddenly went blank, followed by start-up and chimes and full Mac OS reboot. Reboot took longer than usual, indicating a more extensive self-test. It's exactly as though I'd pressed the command- control-power button combo! Fortunately, I wasn't doing anything important at the time.


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