How can I use my keyboard layout from my mac in my windows machine?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DominikH2, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. DominikH2

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    I don't know if layout is the right word but what I mean is following:
    I'm from austria and I use the german keyboard layout. When I click Shift + Alt + 7 I get a backslash character or alt + L is normally an @ sign but under windows it does nothing.
    If I'm on the Guest Windows Machine when I click the same combo, nothing is happen. It just uses the keyboard like it was an actual windows keyboard. For example the cmd button is the windows button.

    How can I set this up to use the exact same layout as in mac? I need many symbols because I'm a programer and I need this.
    I googled and found a few knowledge base articles which wasn't helpful to me. I deleted the windows keyboard layout Apple - Parallels from the layout settings and tried different combinations, but nothing works.

    Here is a screenshot from the keyboard layout:
    No matter which entry I check it's not working.

    Please help me :)
  2. DominikH2

    DominikH2 Bit poster

    I now changed back to normal german layout and edited the software like so:

    Problem is this isn't doing anything. The other entry I made in the program as you also can see in the screenshot (ctrl + alt + Q) for an @ sign is working fine.
  3. PhilippE6

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    any update on this?
    facing the same issues

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