How Can Parallels Share Desktop w/Mac OS ?

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    I am used to Apple's Support Discussion site.
    This Parallels discussion site is weird. I don't know where this post will go or how to carry on a discussion to resolve an issue. Or for that matter how to initiate a post. So excuse my intruding with an unrelated question.

    I have Parallels build 3214 and cannot get the Coherence button to activate. I am trying to get Parallels and Mac OS to share the desktop. Then hopefully I can bring a file into Parallels from MBP email program Entourage.
    I bought Parallels so I can use MS Projects which is strickly a PC program. So far I have not been able to get MS Projects files created on a PC and emailed to this Mac to drag ( so I have heard is possible ) or import into the MS Projects software sitting in Parallels XP. I cannot get beyond the Parallels window going full screen everytime leaving me unable to access the MS Projects file from the Entourage software on the Mac. I assumed the Coherence activation will help overcome this problem. But in the little box that opens from clicking the Parallels icon on the task bar all I get for active buttons is the " start parallels ". Coherence button is off. Can anyone HELP ?
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