How do I configure the Hidden Network Adapter

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by kmillermcfbc, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. kmillermcfbc


    Everything working fine in Desktop 3.0 then upgraded to
    4.0. My Windows 2003 server (Guest OS) needs a specific IP address
    to be used as Ethernet (bridged). But when Desktop 4.0 was
    installed it took the IP address that is needed by the guest OS so
    now when in Windows 2003 and I set the IP manually I get the
    following error:

    "The IP addresess you have entered for this network
    adapter is already assigned to another adapter `Parallels Network
    Adapter`. The Parallels Network Adapter is hidden from the Network
    connections folder because it is not physically in the computer...

    So - how do I change the IP address of that hidden network adapter?
    FYI- I`ve done many things, reconfigured the VM, changed how
    networking works - but every time I go back I get this error
    message. AND I've loaded a new Version of DT4 Build 4.0.3540 Nov 21)

    Unfortunately I need that IP address because this is the remote backup
    system in a point-to-point connection over a dedicated T1 where all
    the hardware specifies the hard coded IP address.

    Help my backup server has been down several days now. Is the only solution to go back to DT3?
  2. Elric

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    Please ignore the message and proceed with change of IP Address. It is a Windows warning.

    The Windows stores configuration for the every network card that had ever seen even if network card is not present physically.
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  3. Elric

    Elric Parallels Developers

  4. kmillermcfbc


    Thank you. The link to MS knowledgebase tells you how to delete the ghost adapter.
    I did it and everything worked.


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