How do I enforce software removal on a Mac client?

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    Hello everyone.

    On our SCCM we have an application that has a deployment type and three deployments: one "Available/Install", one "Required/Install" and one "Required/Uninstall". The "deployment type" has an install and an uninstall command according to the Parallels admin guide [:install command:uninstall command:].

    When I assign the "Available/Install" deployment to a device collection, the Mac in this collection shows the Software in its "Parallels Application Portal" and can be installed and uninstalled as expected. Technically this is fine, but due to licensensing conditions we can't rely on users to push the remove-button. We have to enforce the removal of software.

    When I assign the "Required/Install" deployment the software will be installed and cannot be removed. Everything is fine so far. But when I move the Mac ressource on our SCCM from the "Required/Install" to the "Required/Uninstall" collection the software disapears from the "Parallels Application Portal" on the assigned Mac, but the Software remains on the system and a few minutes later the software apears in the "Parallels Application Portal" again (Mac is still in the uninstall-collection)...

    Is there any way to enforce the removal of an installed SCCM-application (removal from the Application Portal AND execution of the uninstall command) without user interation?

    Best regrads,
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    How important is the user self service? I'd just package up a your uninstall script then deploy the package to a remediation collection.

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