How do I increase my VM's RAM and VRAM (from graphics card)?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by CrimsonStrider, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. CrimsonStrider

    CrimsonStrider Junior Member

    I have 2 gb Ram total. And it's giving my XP VM 512. I also think it's only giving 8 or 16 megs from my graphics card, when my graphics card supports up to 256. And whenever I try increasing either, it tells me to do something in the preferences first and nothing happens

    Any solutions?
  2. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello CrimsonStrider
    What build of Parallels are you running?
  3. CrimsonStrider

    CrimsonStrider Junior Member

    Hello, I'm use parallels 3 build 41280
  4. kristianmartin

    kristianmartin Member

    Hi CrimsonStrider,

    In the window where you press the green "Play" button to launch the VM, click on MEMORY. The most memory (system memory) you will be able to give your machine is 1500MB max. Just below you will see the Video Memory setting. This can only be set to 64MB max. I wish I could test out some games but as it turns out I am at work and I dont' think I'd be able to justify that I was trying to help out someone at a forum (while having much fun doing it =)

    BTW, if you start to get errors like "unable to allocate virtual memory" or the like, try lowering the VM memory. Turns out that Parallels likes to reserve around 2GB of virtual memory on the MAC side. You can verify this with Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder.
  5. slimemold

    slimemold Hunter

    I was curious about something similar. The video memory setting...does that just affect your max resolution (as in, screen buffer memory)? What about texture memory (i.e. the 256MB on the ATI Video controller)?

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