how do you "shrink" a window?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by ourisman, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. ourisman


    Running a particular program in Coherence mode, I clicked the "green" button, and now unfortunately the window fills the entire screen. There's no "grab bar" in the lower right hand corner to shrink the window, and the red, yellow, and green buttons are how hidden behind the grey Parallels "dock" at the top of the screen.

    How can I shrink the window back to normal size?
  2. joevt

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    Can you post a screen shot? What do you mean by Parallels dock - do you mean the Mac menu bar? Does changing the Mac screen resolution or the Windows screen resolution change anything?
  3. I want to repeat this question

    I inadvertently hit a button, and it expanded the window for a particular PC application (Sabre Red Workspace) to full screen. In Coherence Mode, there is no "grab bar" the lower right of the window to resize.

    If I go to "Window" Mode, the program reverts to the proper size, but I want to use Coherence mode.

    What is the key combination that goes to full screen and that, theoretically, goes to the prior size. Please remember that those of us with Mac keyboards have "Control", "Option," and "Command" keys at the lower left of our keyboard. Normal PC parlance doesn't necessarily communicate with us.
  4. Here's the screen shot of the window I want to "resize" to the normal size.

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  5. joevt

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    It looks like you're using MacLook + Coherence. The Maximize/Restore button is the green circle. The Minimize button is the yellow circle and the close box is the red circle. Click the Restore button (green circle).
  6. IvoryC


    I tried to go to "Window" Mode, the program reverts to the proper size.. why is that?

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