How Does Bridged Networking Work?

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    I've been borrowing a friend's MacBook while mine is in the shop for repair (he has Parallels; I don't...yet :p) and I saw the networking options. I understand that with bridged networking, the guest OS appears to a - for instance - router as a separate computer, but how does it do that? Is it treating the host OS as a server? Accessing the network card directly? Communication has to pass from the router to OS X to Windows, right? So how does it see the virutal machine as a separate entity?

    For example, if I'm running IRC inside the guest OS, and someone were to trace the message back, would they see the message coming from (a) Windows through OS X or (b) Windows? Would they even know about the host OS? If I'm running Parallels at work, connecting through a wireless router, would they be able to tell that the traffic is somehow related to my MacBook?

    I must confess that I don't know much about networking besides how to set them (small LANs, wireless, etc.) up.
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