How Long Will Parallels be Lesster than VMware?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by daicek, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. daicek


    Parallels / VMware

    :( Unfortunately, Paralles could not catch up with VMware beta in functions.
    VMware, though it's a privabe Beta so far, already supports...

    -USB 2.0
    it means supporting lots of devices like webcam, mobiles, strages etc...

    -iSight(installed the driver for bootcamp)
    more opportunities besides skype and iChatAV for videochat
    (videochatting solution is not only for IM, but web solution on win IEs)

    -Optimization for Dual Processor

    -Drag and Drop file transfer...
    Simply Wonderful...Blah.

    I just tried it out, and could not find the better points on Parallels...
    So sad.

    Dear Parallels team, what the heck are you doing?
    Isn't Parallels the first solution for mac to use Win as VM?
    But lesser quality?

    Oh No...
    I wanna keep using Parallels as long as possible(until my head comes off),
    but, how long do I have to wait Paralles catching up with VMware?

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  2. darkone


    USB 2.0 - Not really a priority for me TBH, a nicety, but its not a critical issue...

    iSight - so insignificant. Does anyone really NEED to have this in parallels ? If you NEEDED it, wouldnt you find some way of using it under OSX instead.. I mean.. Msn with no video is hardly a life or death thing.

    Optimisation for dual processor - Would I really notice the difference ? My MBP Dual Core runs fine as it is.

    Drag & drop - bleh.. Shared Folders works fine.. why over complicate it ?

    IMO if you bought Parallels before using the trial and making sure it does what you need it to, then more fool for you ;)

    Just my $0.02
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  3. marvin peng

    marvin peng

    At least, My garmin edge 305cad worked under vmware fusion. :D
  4. enjourni



    iSight matters if you're an internet marketer trying to use Camtasia Studio to make desktop movie presentation products.

    Just because YOU don't have a use for it doesn't mean someone else does.
  5. VTMac


    I have not tried the VMWare beta, but I've read elsewhere that the VMWare beta is much less stable than current Parallels, causing all sorts of kernal panics and reboots. I've also read that VMWare beta is much slower than parallels.

    Take it for what it's worth.
  6. Paul Linden

    Paul Linden

    I'm not quite sure what a strage is (I'm not dissing your english - obviously it's not your first language) but you can get access to external USB 2 and firewire devices like external hard drives if you configure your /Volumes directory as a shared folder. You can navigate to it using Parallels Shared Folder.

    So I can read and write to my firewire drive and USB 2 thumb drives at full firewire/USB2 speed.

    Of course, I don't think this will help you with other devices - e.g. my iPod shows up as a folder and my camera isn't mounted as a Volume. And iSight isn't usable.
  7. constant


    English is my first language, but I don't live in America, so I don't think daicek will know what "dissing" means either.
  8. nivenh


    this is kind of a silly thread, though i concede its not the only one.

    i have both VMWare and Parallels running at the moment. Here's what i see..

    parallels is lacking or has problems with...

    - decent usb support
    - smooth fullscreen switching
    - 3d video support or accelleration

    here's what VMWare's beta is lacking or has problems with...

    - VM options (you can only set them when the VM is initially created) but even then you're still missing the ones below...
    - No networking options at all. Only supports their NAT mode.
    - No VM caching options at all.
    - The VM Tools don't install properly
    - Won't remember window positions or toolbar settings
    - The suspend progress window is screwy in its reporting
    - Tons of other UI glitches.
    - 3d video support or accelleration

    The fact that so many options are either missing or can't be accessed leads me to believe that there will be bugs in those as well when they do get turned on. Based on what i've seen, i wouldn't expect the VMWare Fusion product to be seen for sale until Feb. of next year. Maybe Macworld at the very earliest.

    So what it boils down to is Parallels has some problems, and while none of them a serious some of them are viewed as major features to some. VMWare on the other hand is very clearly an alpha and will be for some time to come, so it would be a mistake to start waving Fusion in Parallels' face as a bargaining chip to get some feature in faster.

    Parallels has been working their asses off, and while i concede that their support could use some improvement, i have seen absolutely nothing indicating VMWare's support or even their product will be substantially better in the short term (long term, who knows). Parallels releases a steady stream of updates. We first heard VMWare was working on something back in Janurary, had it confirmed in August and get the first beta to a VERY limited number of people in November. Meanwhile, we've had close to 2-3 dozen Parallels updates in that time. In this respect Parallels is clearly putting their money where their mouth is, and i'm very happy about that. Based on their track record, i have absolutely no doubt that when they say they're working on USB and 3d support that they actually are. Its done when its done, and i'm sure everyone, even the crew at Parallels wants it sooner rather than later.

    I think some of you are being overly harsh with the "VMWare is going to mop you with the floor if you don't do what i want" and other whiney attitudes. And with the very sizable number of messages to that effect, i can't help but wonder if that's why they don't frequent the forums as often as they used to. You'll almost always make more headway with any human being by being respectful and flexible, which i don't see much of here as of late.
  9. darkone


    Why buy a Mac then, to run windows and a windows app, that needs functionality that the emulation software doesnt give ... Surely this is why Parallels give a trial version. If it was a mission critical functionality, a solution that worked from the beginning would be sought ?

    Anyhow.. I responded, cos the OP asked if anyone else agreed... I was just giving MY opinion.
  10. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster

    "dissing" is just a vernacular abbreviation for "disrespecting" though it is usually pronounced without the trailing "g" and is therefore more properly spelled " dissin' "

    I cringed when I read that post because I knew that Paul Linden was trying to make clear to daicek that he meant no disrespect, but a non-native english speaker (incl. you Aussies ;) ) could easily interpret it as an insult if they don't know what dissin' means.
  11. daicek



    well, thank you all for responding.

    I just worried Parallels may be in difficulties on developing its software.
    As some thought so, I am non-native English speaker, I am Japanese living in Tokyo.
    Excuse me if my poor English makes you urgh....

    Anyway, so far my 1st ranked stuff on my wish list is...
    to use webcam through Parallels... (no skype, no MSN, but on some web service for
    discussion), or iSight...

    And, decent USB 2.0 support.

    The speed s not slow though Parallels is not optimized for dual-core,
    so thats not so big problem for me.

    Still longing for webcam working on Parallels....

  12. darkone


    Skype have a Mac client that works fine with the iSight.
  13. daicek


    Skype does not matter for me,
    I have to use webcam on meetings that requires Windows IE(active X).

    This is my personal the most difficult stuff... blah
  14. Dreamy



    Could you tell me how this id done as I have a Lacie Drive plugged into firewire port and would like to see it in windows. ALso where is my shared folder on The Mac
  15. celticdale



    It always cracks me up to see posts like this. I hope Parallels changes their forum policy to only allow registered users of their product to post messages. It will filter out a large percentage of these kinds of post. I know from the Steinberg (Cubase/Nuendo) and Digi forums that it helped a lot.

    Sounds to me like you bought the wrong computer for your needs. It's not Parallels fault you didn't buy the right computer. Parallels cannot guarantee that every piece of crappy PC hardware (or Windows software) is going to work via emulation. Even PC's aren't guaranteed to be 100% compatible. I'm sure they're trying to do their best at resolving the USB issues. It's child-like to "taunt" with threats of switching to VMWare. The market is big enough for both of them. Do you really think that Parallels is motiviated by some whinner in a public forum? Do you think that they'll drop everything that they're doing to satisfy you? HA! How childish.

    Did you even read the manual? I see nothing in the manual about camera support. Did you read the FAQs?

    So, go ahead and switch now to VMWare. Be gone with you and maybe when Fusion is a real product they'll have a competitive upgrade for you (next year... someday). That is; if you bought yours. Wait, did you even use the trial version before buying? If so, you're twice as dumb as I thought.
  16. celticdale


    For Dreamy:

    Go to your configuration editor and it's the second item down on the left. Shared Folders... you browse to any drive attached to your Mac.
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    Drug and Drop? I don't think that feature is even legal in the states. :eek:

    I would love to use the iSight in Windows as well, but the net gain is I got to toss my HP Media Center in the trash. A small price to pay. I read elsewhere on the forum they are working on the iSight/USB 2.o issue. I can wait. No biggie.
  18. Dreamy


    Thank you very much I have a Lacie and a 500 Sata drive on the mac and now I can read and write to them form both operation system....wicked!!!! Thanks again celticdale in my previous post Joem said it could not be done now I can read and write both drives will be putting another 500G in there soon.
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  19. manfredell


    They could in the same policy change ban posters like you that think they have all the reason and then start calling others dumb!
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  20. conalho


    Does the VMware beta support GPS units like the Garmin Forerunner? I'm considering switching from Parallels to VMWare given the horrible support in Parallels of my Garmine Forerunner. Basically, my Forerunner is not useable in Parallels and I have to boot into Windows using BootCamp. Doh!

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