How Long Will Parallels be Lesster than VMware?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by daicek, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. daicek


    Do I have to explain everything on me?
    Otherwise you can't see what I want to say?

    I have another windows machine besides Macs, so you could say it's not a big prob,
    I just want Parallels to support USB2.0 or iSight, so I only have to have one or two Macs.
    One mac can cover with someone's need perfectly - don't you think this is wonderful?

    And, I don't mean Id like you to switch to VMware.
    I just wondered though Parallels is first, VMware has some nice features which
    Parallels doesnt have them yet.

    I bet they are working on it.
    And, I'm a registered user also.:confused:

    Stop posting B.S stuffs like yours please.

  2. daicek


    Oops... I fixed the sentence... and subject, also...
    Excuse me
  3. apple85


    people people people lets keep it civil! I hope we can all be adults and not throw childish "you're dumbs" around! Obviously for SOME OF US USERS (NOTE THE SOME) Parallels is currently having some short falls (IE Isight, USB 2.0 etc). I'm pretty for sure though that MOST of us would say we're glad we've got a product that can do some of (for some of us) or most of (for some) what we need it to do. Sure VM Ware it out there throwing out Beta's that can do this and that, that Parallels currently can't do/ can't do as well. It's BETA THOUGH! thats why it has its bugs and issues. For those of you that say us Mac owners "bought the wrong computer," or "Your macs aren't good enough and you need parallels windows" or whatever your arguement, our macs work fine, SOMETIMES using a program like Parallels to access Windows just makes our lives easier. USB 2.0/Isight are on my list why? Because USB 2.0 so hopefully my blackberry will play nicely in parallels and do the tethering to get EVDO i need it to when i'm away. Isight? Business and Pleasure. UNFORTUNATELY for us mac users some other chat softwares with video support don't allow you to cross platform video (mac to non mac). Alright I'm done, I've been trolling around and finally registered because I wanted to voice that people on here get WAY to upset about BS little things and forget the bigger issue of getting a full functional product and support, solutions we need or tips we're giving to programmers!
  4. tgrogan


    Wow, a different rhetoric when you're around your own kind. Why didn't you hurl insults to them like you did to me? A bit childish yourself?
  5. John the Geek

    John the Geek

    It's called a Carriage Return, and you would benefit greatly from it.


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