How many buttons does your mouse have?

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How many buttons does your mouse have?

  1. One button

    47 vote(s)
  2. Two buttons

    18 vote(s)
  3. More than two buttons

    69 vote(s)
  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Hello All!

    Results of this poll will be used to determine how should we process Ctrl + Click and how should we simulate mouse right click . Please see other poll on this issue -

    How many buttons does your mouse have?

    1. One button.
    2. Two buttons.
    3. More than two buttons.
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  2. kaufman


    Could you at least make it an option so that people who have a multiple button mouse do not have to have any keystroke assigned to right click?

  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    If you have the 2 and more buttons than your right click will work anyway. The question is what to do with Ctrl + Left Click combination? To pass it as is to guest OS or convert it to mouse right click?
  4. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Isn't alt-click or apple-click another possible way to emulate a right-click in the VM?

    Using ctrl-click (like on Mac) will be a problem for some windows users lossing the ability to multi-select using ctrl-click. Not offering a key+mouse trick to emulate a right click will be a problem for people using a Apple MacBook, except for some who have the MBP 17" or the new MBs, or for people in love with the wireless Apple mouse or some older mice with a single button.

    Maybe having an option to configure another modifier key to use along the single-button click to emulate the second-button click would be best.

    In Windows, I don't remember myself alt-clicking or 'windows'-clicking (using the alt or windows/apple key). Isn't this a path to something? ;)
  5. Sheppy


    The right click simulation needs to be configurable. Personally, I prefer control-click despite the issues with Windows wanting you to be able to use control-click. But if you could configure how to handle right click simulation, that would resolve this problem as people could always set up a key/click combination that would work for them.
  6. luz


    I also strongly vote for making right-click simulation configurable.

    But I think the question is about a sensible default setting.

    As all Intel macs except the original MacBook Pro now have a native right click (Mighty Mouse for mini and iMac, two-finger-on-touchpad-click for the notebooks), I'd vote for NOT emulating right click via Ctrl-Click as the default setting.
  7. MatthewR


    Voted two assuming scroll-wheel does not count.

    Configurable right click emulation is best as long as one of the options is NONE.
  8. wesley


    Hmm, there should be an option to not use right-click emulation at all, for those who use 2+ button mouse. If Parallels takes a certain key combo for emulation, it's one less key combo available for the guest OS.
  9. Jay Levitt

    Jay Levitt

    Which mouse? My trackpad has one button (or two with the new OS hack). My Bluetooth mouse has three. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't...

    Is it possible to trap the FN key on MacBooks? That would seem to be the one totally safe key, since it doesn't map to anything at all in Windows. Anything else has a potential to conflict with a Windows app. (I realize that this doesn't help desktop users.)
  10. pecos


    just don't forget people who use only graphics tablets !
    this case is equal to one button mouse.

    and in fact, i like control-shift-click to emulate right click !
  11. mcg


    I have a Mighty Mouse, but I also use the trackpad. The two-finger right click system that Apple has just deployed works beautifully on both platforms, and I would hate for that to change in any way!
  12. aer


    You guys really must not use Windows much :). It seems to me like I use Control+Click, Alt+Click, Shift+Click, and Control+Shift+Click so often I can't even work effectively without them.

    Really, IMO, Function+Click or WindowsKey+Click would be the way to go, if anything.
  13. kaufman


    Most important to me is the ability to disable it completely.

    What does Control+Shift+Click do?
  14. fryke


    I don't get it. As far as I know, there is only _one_ way of having only one mouse button available to Parallels Workstation: If you use an old Apple mouse on a Mac mini. Every other model either has a MightyMouse (which I'd count as a multibutton mouse at least) or a Trackpad which _does_ support a right-click by holding down two fingers on the pad while clicking the button. For MBP 15" owners, this will be solved in 10.4.7. So there's really _no_ need to do _anything_ about a keyboard solution in my opinion. Mac mini owners with old Apple mice should get a 9 USD USB mouse or something. :p
  15. aramp


    The Apple mouse actually has 2 buttons!

    I use the mouse that came with my iMac.

    Only when I installed Boot Camp I figured out that when I click on the right surface of the mouse, it produces a right-click in Windows! So working in the native Windows mode under Boot Camp with the mouse is very comfortable. If the same behavior could be reproduced in Parallels, that would be great.
  16. rjgebis

    rjgebis Kilo Poster

    I have 8 btns. It is MX500 Logitech
  17. aer


    There are two places I use it -
    1) Under Windows, any time you have a list of stuff, you click once to select an object, then control+click again to select additional objects. If you want to select every object between the current one and another one, hold shift and click the other one. If you want to select one object, then select an additional range of objects, click the first object, then control+shift+click the initial and final objects in the range of additional objects. This will leave you with the first one and also the range. You can then control+click additional objects to add them, or control+shift+click additional ranges to add them. This is something that you can not do without control+shift+click.

    2) Under Opera, control+shift+click opens a link in a background tab, which is usually how I do it. I read one site (a blog, for instance) then shift+control+click links as I go, which opens them in the background. When I am done reading the blog, I go through the pages in the background one-by-one. This is something you can do without, by right-clicking and then selecting 'Open in background tab,' but it is not as fast.
  18. SkipNewarkDE


    CTRL+CLICK processing

    I have a three button mouse with scroll wheel for my laptop, and a mighty-mouse for desktop. I suggest you allow the user to set the key equivalent of right click (ctrl-click) as Microsoft Remote Desktop or Virtual PC does. I like being able to control click from my laptop...

    I am awaiting Apple to update the MacBook Pro to do right click from the mouse pad using the two-finger technique like the newly-released Macbook does.
  19. Ben @ Parallels

    Ben @ Parallels

    Hi guys -

    I'm using a Logitech cordless laser mouse (travel size) with 5 buttons. I have my left button set to select, my right button set to right-click (go figure), my wheel-button to show my desktop, and my 4 & 5 buttons working with Expose.

    I find that being able to use my mouse for the key desktop functions is much easier than using the keyboard. Also, having the extra buttons is very handy when I'm working in my Windows XP VM.
  20. mike3k


    I use a Belking Bluetooth Mouse (Left & Right + Scroll Wheel + Side button) on my MacBook Pro and a Mighty Mouse on my iMac. Does the iMac always ship with a Mighty Mouse standard? I got mine as a DTK exchange.

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