How to accelerate the installation of applications ?

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  1. ParallelsU61

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    Are there any best practices to accelerate effectiveley the installation of applications ?
    I'm in a situation where I may wait hours to have a bunch of applications installed.
    Why do these applications do not try to install right after the registration ?
    Why are there some much difference between multiple Mac deployed simultaneously ?
    Actually I have a Mac that does not install a tiny package the other 2 Macs are installing more or less normally.
    Any idea to explain that behaviour ?

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  2. TimofeyF

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    Hi Franck,
    Required applications should be installer right after the corresponding policies arrive to a Mac. To understand the situation and troubleshoot we need some more information. I'd like to ask you to submit a support ticket along with the following information:
    - problem report collected on a Mac when the issue was observed
    - details about settings you used for creating the application in SCCM
  3. ParallelsU61

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    OK. We need to investigate on the Mac which appears to not being able to install all the SCCM applications configured as "required". For now, I will ask the team on site to switch the Mac on on monday morning to see if we face really a delay or a bug. Best regards.
  4. PVCIT

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    We find that we have to leave the mac logged in for about 8 hours and then it usually will have everything. It seems to download 1 or 2 items then install then repeat. I would rather it continue download while installing other ones. Def needs a way to speed it up as this is the most important part of imaging/deployment.
  5. ParallelsU61

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    Hi. I opened a ticket with the Parallels Support. Yes, it is not possible to wait a day to deploy a Mac.

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