How to change the licence of Java project from GNU/ GPL to MIT / BSD / Apache

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    I had developed a Java application which is connected to MySQL Workbench by using mysql-connector-java-8.0.21.jar file. When I deploy the project and send source code to the client he says that:

    The license must not have a licensed GNU/ GPL / Unspecified that has a disclosure obligation (it is okay to have MIT / BSD / Apache without a disclosure obligation)
    Change the GNU/GPL licence to MIT or BSD
    Now my question is, how to change the licence of the project or how to change the licence of library files like Mysql connector.jar.

    Because I need a open source licence for the source code, So I need to change the licence libraries (used in project).
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    Hello MelinaN, please reinstall the application or we request you please contact the Java application support team. Thanks.
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    There are different Java permit styles impacting everything;

    • MIT/BSD/Apache-style permit style
    • GPL
    • LGPL
    • Business
    MySQL connector, expecting you mean MySQL Connector/J, is double authorized; You can either pick the business permit (you should pay for this), or the LGPL permit. Permitting is a thing the creators of an item do; you can't change the permit. Assuming that the main job requests a specific permit, you inquire as to whether they offer it, and the amount you really want to pay to get this; assuming it's a lot for your wallet or this permit isn't accessible, your main hotel by then is to either change the prerequisites, or, eliminate that item from your codebase, and for example change to PostgreSQL (an alternate DB motor), for instance.

    Note that LGPL isn't equivalent to GPL. It's more similar to MIT/BSD/Apache-style licenses than GPL is, so one way out may just be to inquire as to whether LGPL is adequate.

    For future thought, consistently check with the client what sort of permit limitations they have. For instance, in the event that MIT/BSD/Apache is the main way, you can't utilize MySQL here. That is all. MySQL isn't authorized that way and Oracle (the proprietor of MySQL) doesn't offer it. All things considered, it's conceivable a business permit would have gotten the job done (in this way, try to charge the client to consider you'll have to secure a business permit). On the other hand, consider that you'll have to invest some energy finding out about utilizing various apparatuses, (for example, PostgreSQL, whose permit is MIT/BSD/Apache-style), and bill likewise.

    In the event that you want more data about whether the LGPL of MySQL and MySQL Connector/J is viable with your client's necessities, or what will occur assuming that you overlook either a permit or your client's composed prerequisites, you ought to ask a legal counselor.
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