How to customize the gateway?

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    I am currently evaluating the product and so far I'm very impressed with it.

    We have a set of old VB6 applications that we want to expose to our customers via html/http and everything seems to work fine with the 2xhtml5gateway, however we need to be able to accomplish the following:
    1 - publish a specific application depending on the AD user logging in so each user can only see its own specific application
    2 - customize the log in page to display specific information pertinent to our company and the the user
    3 - customize the landing page once the user logs in so they can see only our branding and the shortcuts to the applications they are allowed to use without anything else
    4 - automatically launch a specific application once the user logs in

    Can we do all this and if so how?
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    Hi, you may create a template based on your need and manage as suggested in this user manual. See the page number 100. You may also check out this blog to Configure a Terminal Server, Publish Applications and Enroll New Users. Thanks!

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