How to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)?

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    How can I disable SIP (System Integrity Protection) in my Mac OS virtual machine. I couldn't find this option in Parallels and turning SIP off on the 'real' mac I'm running Parallels on doesn't help (on a real mac you turn SIP off by booting from the Rescue partition and entering 'csrutil disable' in terminal mode). I'm running Parallels 11 with MacOS Sierra (but have had the same problem running El Capitan).

    I'm sure this question must have come up before but I can't find an answer.
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    0. Shutdown your macOS VM.
    1. Add to its boot flags (VM config -> Hardware -> Boot Order -> Advanced settings -> Boot flags) string "vm.efi.mac_recovery=1" - this forces VM to boot into Recovery mode.
    2. Start your VM and it will be in Recovery.
    3. Disable SIP.
    4. Shutdown VM.
    5. Disable Recovery mode setting boot flat value to "0".
    6. Start VM - it will boot normally but without SIP.
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    Great, thank you!

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