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    Fantastic Stuff
    From home improvement to outdoors, automotive to electronics, here's the newest gear you will want to get.
    Heavy About The Salt
    If you are a Bonneville Salt Flats enthusiast, and even if you're not, you will locate Bonneville Salt Flats--The Complete Racing History 1896-1998 fascinating reading. Authored by Louise Ann Noeth, the 156-page hardcover publication contains 125 colour and 50 monochrome photos. It won the 2000 Silver Medallion Award for Excellence in Automotive Writing, Photography and Historical Truth. The publication can be purchased for $39.95 from Classic Motorbooks, P.O. Box 1, Osceola, WI 54020; 800-458-0454.
    Start Something New
    This walk-behind lawnmower is powered by an engine using a spring-loaded starting mechanism. You start the motor simply by engaging the safety bale and pushing the start button. Subsequently the running engine recharges the energy at the spring. The line of mowers is known as the Self Starter Series. The 979T shown this is a 21-in., self-propelled cartridge powered with a 6-hp, four-cycle engine.
    Solar Security Light
    Installing a dependable, bright security lighting has never been easier. This one is powered by solar energy so there are no electric wires to run. Simply attach the light to a level surface in the region you would like lighted when motion is detected. The solar panel can be put up to 12 ft. from the mild to take advantage of a sunny location for charging throughout the day. The light works around 120 times on a single day's charge. The security lighting costs $79.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. To purchase call 800-223-3073. Flake Fliers
    Do not give your fitness walks just because the snow is flying. Winter
    Walkers are stable, compact and allow you to move easily. Just slip them on, snap up them and you are ready to hit the road. There will be no stopping you now. Available in purple, green and smoke to get $99 in L.L. Bean Inc.,
    Kick Me
    Why should kids have all of the fun with those small kick scooters which are all the anger? You should have fun, also. Sidewalker scooters for adults use full-size frames with geometries that offer very good handling at high speeds. Full-size wheels also aid in stability and managing and permit you to cover more ground fast. Front and rear brakes are pluses from the safety column. The City model, shown here, sells for $379 at bicycle shops.
    On The Go
    However much electronics makers pack to some device, there's always room for more. The brand new MC-100 is a full-function digital camera, full-motion PC camera, MP3 player and high-fidelity voice-recorder system, also it has a SmartMedia card slot. The MP3 player has 2MB of flash RAM and also you are able to add an FM radio receiver. As for the digital camera, it uses an advanced CMOS sensor and Fixed-Focus lens, along with auto-exposure and auto-white equilibrium functions for easy, crisp shots. The voice recorder stores sound from .wav format which will be easily connected to email or converted to text.
    Gentle Restraint
    The issue with tiedowns to trailering your boat is the hardware could scratch or nick your transom. That will not happen with all the Epco BTDTP4 transom tiedown. Its 2-in. -broad weather-resistant polypropylene strap easily handles the rigors of trailering, and its heavy-gauge zinc-plated hardware resists rust and wear. A massive vinyl pad fits between the hardware and the transom to prevent scratches. A self-tightening lock within the middle buckle makes the tiedown simple to use. A set of tiedowns costs $22.62 at sea outlets.
    Trailer thieves will think twice before they mess with Draw-Tite's brand new ball-mount, drawbar and coupler locks. Styles for almost any class of hitches and also have a coated key slot to prevent corrosion. Deadbolt ball-mount and drawbar locks include color-coded keys for easy identification.
    Lots of people enjoy the look and durability of linoleum floors from years gone by, however what they do not enjoy is having to wax the floors twice per year. Armstrong's New Generations vinyl floors draw design inspiration in the company's colour and layout archives. The floor looks like linoleum and is backed with a 10-year guarantee. As with any vinyl flooring, you simply sweep it and wash it. The floors costs about $22 per square yard (assuming you install it yourself). It's sold through floor dealers and also on a special-order basis when purchased from a house center.
    Pressure Cooker
    Now you can bolt big-block power with small-block fuel market into Chevy and GMC SUVs and pickups powered with the newest Vortec 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0 V8 engines. The CoolCharger ups the ponies using a properly sized supercharger and custom-programmed ECM that corrects air/fuel ratios, ignition timing and transmission shift points to meet the vastly different requirements of supercharged engines. CoolCharger comes with everything necessary for installation and will increase horsepower up to 55 percent and increase up torque to 41 percent.
    You need to love outdoor speakers. Always attempting to match and be unobtrusive, these speaker systems do not wish to draw attention. To help the cause, Rockustics has established the Omniplanter, a big, circular floor planter using loudspeakers that provide 360 [degrees] of omnidirectional sound. The planter weighs 15 pounds, comes from Terra Cotta and Granite Gray and is 100 percent water- and weatherproof. In reality, the loudspeaker components are made from fiber-reinforced polymer composite and proven to resist rain, frost, snow and ice hockey. Omniplanters retail for $900 per set.
    Read more: The Car Speaker Land: So Easy to Choose the Best Car Audio Speakers
    Air Fare
    Engines will need to breathe to create power, as well as the Ram Jet shaker cold-air induction system makes those ponies feel as though they have had an aerobic exercise. Designed for 1986-93 Mustang 5.0s, the system is molded from high-impact urethane and comes ready to install and includes a preoiled high-flow filter. You need to cut an opening on your hood for installation.
    Loud Enough?
    If you're looking for good-looking standing loudspeakers, attempt B&W's brand new CDM9 NT Series. These speakers boast tapered-tube enclosure tweeter housing, a freestanding tweeter pod bracket, and a redesigned aluminum voice-coil for your tweeter. Bass drivers and committed 6 1/2-in. Midrange with woven Kevlar diaphragms for much more distinct bass. The cap of the speaker cabinets is designed with a gradual slope, while the front-firing cabinet vents use the company's proprietary Flowport dimpling to decrease distortion of sound. Retails for $2600 per set.
    1 thing that fascinates us about Rubbermaid is the fact that it introduces containers to the kitchen, lawn or maybe a mill with equal aplomb. The company's Professional Food Containers, as an instance, cost from $4 to get a small single-serving size container to $25 to get a five-piece set. They're made out of an easy-to-clean, high-gloss polycarbonate plastic and possess a two-part, flexible rubberized lid. The refuse bags are based out of nonabsorbent laminated polyethylene plastic with nylon-web handles. They are available in 27-, 34- and 78-gal. Get Rubbermaid Home Products,The Last Month
    Tahoe, Yukon, Denali and Escalade owners that crave a third seat are in luck.
    Stomp And Circumstance
    They are hot once again thanks to the expanding popularity of those significant cruiser bikes. Cruiserworks classic bike boots are supercomfortable and waterproof. The boot is lined with Dri-lex, which keeps moisture away from the body. A coating of ballistic nylon at the ankle region and the styrene Cable box offer extra protection. This is 1 boot you'll be able to wear in comfort all day. The boots sell for $209 out of Cruiserworks, 5015-F West W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28269; 603-352-0559.
    Panel Discussion

    Here's a shortcut to creating traditional wainscoting: a modular, flat-panel wall system with most of the parts already precut, reducing the amount of cutting and fitting you've got to perform. The system's components consist of a engineered wood center with a high grade of transparent oak, cherry or walnut veneer applied over it. So you don't need to rack your brain trying to design your system, the business offers a free design service. Panel system shown here costs about $17.56 a running foot or about $6.63 per square foot.
    Extra Lines
    Want more than 1 phone, but do not feel like adding another relationship? Try out Vox2's brand new Vox. Connect, a mobile base station that lets you create and receive wireless calls most of the standard phones in your property. As well as allowing you to make an additional line without an added cost, the device lets you control your phone while you make and receive calls. You might also take advantage of low-cost calling time given by most mobile providers--saving you money as well as making things more suitable. Just plug it into a telephone outlet and it'll allow an incoming phone call to ring each telephone in your house--but with a distinctive ring. Regular wire-line calls could be made or answered as you are on a Vox. Connect call.
    Ball Game
    Today you may possess the right-size ball for towing in your fingertips. Mr. Tow-It-Ail fits standard 2-in. Receivers and comes with 1 7/8-both- and - 2 5/16-in. (15,000-pound load ranked) top-grade, machine-quality balls and a pintle hook to get much more towing flexibility. Just pull the pin and rotate the head for fast, easy ball changes. Mr. Tow-It-All costs $282 from Action Manufacturing, 1250 S. Wilson Way, Unit B10, Stockton, CA 95205; 800-995-9825.
    Shin And Bear It
    Hyperextending your knee is no pleasure, and it may destroy your baseball match. Jofa's Year 2000 6090 shinguards feature an exclusive Hyper X fitting notion that enables the pad to be precisely shaped to fulfill your shin and knee to help prevent hyperextension. The pad also redirects impact to decrease shock. Extra plastic protectors increase collateral ligament protection, along with a removable heat-release ventilated lining allows for atmosphere dissipation. A set of shinguards sells for $32.99 at baseball specialty stores. Speak to the Jofa Division of The Hockey Co. in 800-636-5895.
    Door Jam
    Everyone wants to stone but installing a speaker system to belt out those tunes might be expensive. RodDoors custom speaker pods allow you to install your own car stereo speakers and save a bundle. You simply follow the pattern of this pod on the door and then cut it out. Mount the pod using ABS adhesive. Cover the plank and pods with fabric for a professionally installed look. Pods come in flush and recessed mounts and may accommodate a variety of woofer sizes along with also a 2 1/2-inside. tweeter. Prices start at $39 a set from R.W. & Able, P.O. Box 2160, Chico, CA 95927; 530-896-1513.

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    Music To Your Mac
    Yamaha's RP-U100 is genuinely a modern day convergence product. Unlike other products of this type made solely for PCs, this AN receiver is compatible with Macs running OS 9 and using USB inputs. It works together with your computer to perform all kinds of Net-based music and sound. This part may also be used for video games and movies--providing surround sound via Virtual Dolby Digital and Yamaha's Near-Field Cinema DSP. Since the receiver's keyboard is supplied by a USB cable, it may bypass the soundcard and stream digital audio directly from the computer keyboard. A Tuner button activates an on-board AM/FM Internet radio receiver using 208 possible presets. To use the RP-U100 with your Mac, and download the appropriate software. Retails for $499. Contact Yamaha, 6600 Orangethorpe Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620; 714-522-9011.
    Safe At Home
    If it comes to garage doors, how safe is safe enough? Garage door maker Wayne Dalton's position appears to be that it can not be too safe. The business has introduced an entirely enclosed, microprocessor-monitored door opener known as the DoorMaster. The appliance monitors its lifting and closing force and stops doorway movement if it detects anything out of the ordinary. It determines the amount of force necessary to move the door in either direction the first time it opens and closes. Any substantial deviation from this can cause it to shut down. It costs about $300 to $400 installed. Contact Wayne Dalton Corp., 1 Door Dr., P.O. Box 67, Mt. Hope, OH 44660.
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