How to get snapshot name from command line?

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  1. KrzysztofO

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    So I'm creating a snapshot using command
    prlctl snapshot my_vm --name xyz --description abc

    But then there seems to be no way to use that name or description in other prlctl snapshot-x commands.
    For example how do I delete a snapshot called xyz? There just seems to be the option to do:
    prlctl snapshot-delete my_vm --id {unique_identifier_here}

    So I can use prlctl snapshot-list my_vm to get all unique ids, but I just don't see any way to connect the name I gave to the snapshot.

    Assuming additional complication that the snapshot was created in GUI and I don't know its UUID, but I do know the name that was given to the snapshot, how can I translate that snapshot name to UUID using only prlctl command line tools?
  2. MatthiasS9

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    Loop over your list of snapshots, for each snapshot do "/usr/local/bin/prlctl snapshot-list my_vm -i $theSnapshot|awk -F: '/^Name/ {print $2}'" to get the name.
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